Giving the gift of life to someone who cannot have a baby on their own is a beautiful thing. You could be the person to change their lives forever!

If you decide to help a family in this way, our team will walk alongside you through your entire journey. We will answer any questions you have, match you with a family that is perfect for you, and guide you through the process. You will find comfort knowing that each team member has been a surrogate/gestational carrier, and they understand how to best support you. We look forward to talking with you soon.


Surrogacy is the act of carrying a baby (not genetically related to you) for someone else. During the surrogacy process, not only are you giving the couple or individual you are carrying for an amazing gift, you are creating moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and extended family. You are changing lives and making dreams come true for so many!

Throughout the surrogacy process, you will be supported by our team of professionals (all of whom have been surrogates themselves), and they will guide you through your pregnancy to delivery. You may start your journey wanting to give to another family, but you will be changed in the process. You will experience overwhelming joy and satisfaction, knowing you were able to make such an impact…and without you, they would not have created their happy family!


We are a team of former surrogates ready to guide you along the journey of helping a family. To date, our team has carried 20 babies and experienced the ultimate JOY in handing parents their baby/babies. It is an experience we can’t explain, and we invite you to explore how it might be an exciting adventure for you and your family!

Surrogate Solutions was founded by a surrogate who ultimately felt there was a gap in the industry. She was looking to create an agency that served both surrogates and intended parents well, and she had a high calling to ensure everyone experienced JOY in this journey. Our team of carriers knows first-hand the feelings you are experiencing. We know your desire to help, serve, match with a family that is right for you. We know this because we were right where you are. You can do this, and we would love to help you along the way.




This is simple and easy. Share about your pregnancies, family, and expectations for a journey.




We will then request your medical records and complete a background check.



Our Director of Matching will send you profiles of families who match what you are looking for in a journey. Some considerations will be location, views on a birth experience, contact throughout the journey and after, termination, and additional expectations you may have.



Get to know the family (face to face) you are going to be helping. Share your hopes and expectations and start forming the beautiful and rewarding relationship that surrogacy cultivates.


Are you between the ages of 21 and 40 years of age?
Are you raising at least one child that you have birthed?
Are you in overall good health? BMI must be under 33.
Are you financially independent and not receiving any state or federal government assistance (Medicaid, CHIP, WIC, Food Stamps, etc)?
Do you have a flexible schedule where you can commit to appointments?
Are you content with the number of children you have birthed and raising?
Is it true that you have had no serious medical problems during pregnancy or delivery, including no pre-term deliveries before 36 weeks (unless in the event of multiples)?
Additional Qualificationsa


If you answered yes, we encourage you to consider helping a family.



  • What is it like to give the baby up after delivery?

    A gestational carrier would not be “giving the baby up”. She’d be giving the baby back to the parents that had chosen her to carry for them! There is no genetic connection between a gestational carrier and the surrogate baby/ies she carries. Sometimes people aren’t aware of this fact, but it definitely helps the carrier and her family to mentally prepare before and during the pregnancy. The carrier is preparing to hand the parents their baby back, and she fully understands that the baby was never hers to begin with.

  • How long does it take to find a match?

    This can vary for each candidate. Once your profile is complete with medical records and background checks are done, it could take a couple of weeks to several months before you are officially matched. This fully depends on not just one but several factors. The right match is a process that is definitely best not rushed. We want to make sure you have the perfect fit, not just any fit, concerning your views on termination of a pregnancy, compensation, number of embryos to transfer, and so on.

  • What are the medications like to become a surrogate?

    The medications to become pregnant as a gestational carrier can vary depending on the clinic’s protocol. Some clinics require patients to give themselves injectable medications while others may not require any injectables at all. It is always best to prepare yourself for the possibility of having to administer shots at home, but this is something you may or may not have to do.

  • Do you really get paid to be a surrogate?

    You do not get a paycheck since surrogacy is not a job, but you are compensated for the time and effort during the process. The compensation amount can vary from contract to contract. This is a private agreement between the Intended Parents and their carrier. The agreed-upon compensation is not guaranteed since the achievement of pregnancy is never guaranteed, but once you are pregnant, monthly installments are paid over the course of the pregnancy. There could be many factors such as unsuccessful embryo transfers or miscarriage that could cause compensation to never start or even halt.

  • What is the typical compensation for a surrogate?

    The typical compensation range is from $35,000 to $50,000+ and is completely based on the surrogate’s experience as a carrier, her insurance status, what state she resides in, and if she is working with International or Domestic Intended Parents.

  • Is there anything you’re not allowed to eat or do during a surrogate pregnancy?

    You are allowed to eat and participate in normal low-risk activities as you usually would during any normal, healthy pregnancy per your OBs guidelines. Unless there is a specific agreement between the carrier and her Intended Parents to avoid certain items, she may carry on per her doctor’s recommendations. Obviously, the usual substances like nicotine, alcohol, and drugs are NEVER allowed. There could be specific food requests based on religion or lifestyle preferences that Intended Parents may request of their surrogate prior to matching. These specifics are usually brought up on applications and during the match meeting so there are no surprises later. If either party were to not feel sure about the requests, it would need to be discussed before a definite match was determined.

  • How much input will the surrogate have over the pregnancy?

    For the most part, the surrogate has a very large say in the pregnancy. The Surrogate and Intended Parents should be in agreement with each other over factors like home birth vs hospital, vaccinations during the pregnancy vs no vaccinations, and having optional testing done throughout the pregnancy. Both parties should always go into surrogacy with a great deal of trust and respect for one another. Everyone should always strive to make major decisions together.

  • Will I get to pick my own OB or will I need to go to the Intended Parent’s doctor throughout the pregnancy?

    You will get to pick your own OB for prenatal care and delivery as long as they are a qualified medical provider. You do have to go to the IP’s IVF doctor until you are released to your OB for care, which is usually around 10 weeks of pregnancy.

  • Do you get to meet the parents?

    Yes! Surrogacy is the mutual agreement between the carrier and the Intended Parents. You will likely read about each other in your profiles well before ever meeting in person or over video conference. In the beginning, you may feel like acquaintances that met through an agency, but by the end of the pregnancy, you will likely know each other very well based on how much involvement was had during the process. There are some Intended Parents that find it very hard to develop a personal relationship with their carrier due to previous heartaches and losses. Each match is unique in this respect. The level of involvement that each party is expecting of the other is another topic that is usually agreed upon before you are ever considered a true match.

  • How much travel is involved?

    Depending on where the IVF clinic is, you may have to take 2 or 3 trips to them throughout a cycle. This depends on what each clinic requires of their patients. Usually, the first trip is for medical screening and the second one for embryo transfer. There could be an additional trip for a mock transfer but this is not routine across all clinics. Any appointments for monitoring during a cycle can usually be performed at a local monitoring clinic close to you. Long-distance travel is kept to a minimum whenever possible.

  • What if I’m a single mother? Can I still be a surrogate?

    Absolutely! It is not a requirement to be married in order to become a gestational carrier. There are numerous single mothers that pursue surrogacy without a spouse or significant other. If you have a good support system in place, you can be a surrogate!

  • How involved will my significant other need to be?

    During the medical and psychological screening, some clinics do require the surrogate’s partner to undergo a blood test and participate in the psychological evaluation. This is not always the case based on the clinic’s requirements, but it is only to ensure that the surrogate’s partner is disease-free as to not transmit anything to the baby during pregnancy, and to ensure the partner is supportive of the surrogacy. During the legal contracts, if you are a married couple, both parties must sign the contract. Your significant other is usually the biggest part of your support system during pregnancy. Their involvement in the process is small overall, but very key to a healthy and happy journey.

  • How do I help my children understand what I am choosing to do?

    The best advice we can give is to keep it sweet and simple. Children tend to understand better when you put it into terms they understand. There are several children’s books to explain that this is a way to help a Mommy or Daddy that cannot have a baby on their own. Children of surrogates have the perfect life example of what it’s like to do something selfless for someone else. It’s a great teaching opportunity if you choose to do so. How much you want to explain to your children is your personal choice, but sometimes your children can be your biggest cheerleaders!

  • What are the benefits of using an agency?

    You have a team designed to help YOU!  As an agency, we are here to support, advocate, and educate you on the process of being a surrogate. We are here to ensure all your questions are asked, you are cared for, to advocate/mediate if needed, just to be an extra person to help you navigate this exciting experience. ALL of our team members have been surrogates themselves so we understand your feelings and are committed to supporting you.

  • How many embryos are usually transferred?

    This is a case by case discussion and agreement between both the Intended Parents and their Surrogate during the matching phase. It is always a good idea to never agree to transfer more embryos than babies you are willing to carry. For example, if you are only comfortable with carrying one baby, it is wise to only transfer one embryo. Occasionally an embryo can split resulting in twins, but that cannot be predicted. Being sure of how many babies you are willing to carry can greatly minimize the need for fetal reduction or termination that sometimes can occur with multiples pregnancies.

  • If the surrogate changes her mind, at what point is it ok to walk away?

    This question is a challenging question to answer. A surrogate is usually allowed to walk away from a match at any point in the process as long there is no viable pregnancy. The decision to break a match should never be made lightly, same as the decision to make a match. Worst case scenario, if the surrogate is already pregnant and feels the match is irreparable, she cannot break the match but can resort to using the agency coordinator (or another mediator such as her attorney or similar entity) to communicate for the remainder of the pregnancy.


Katy Encalade
Katy Encalade

Katy is humbled by the opportunity to play a role in the journey of intended parents and their surrogates as they fulfill their dream of a baby. In the past, the majority of Katy’s professional time has been spent in the field of egg donation as she also is the Executive Director at Egg Donor Solutions. After being blessed with the opportunity to be a gestational carrier/surrogate in 2014, surrogacy has become a greater passion for her. Katy is grateful to be a part of an agency that provides education, guidance, and care to a process that can seem overwhelming. Katy has a Bachelor Degree in Business and Psychology. Katy lives in Prosper, Texas with her wonderful husband and three children. She is actively involved in her local church, enjoys reading, and cheering on her kids in their activities.

Gayle Garrett
Gayle Garrett

Gayle Garrett is the Founder and Program Director of Surrogate Solutions. She is a registered nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Gayle had excellent pregnancies and deliveries with her own children, and because many of her friends struggled with infertility, Gayle felt called to pursue surrogacy in hopes of helping others complete their families. Gayle is very dedicated and passionate about what she does, and she works hard to ensure that Surrogate Solutions provides couples and surrogates with the attention, education and support they need throughout the surrogacy process.

Lauren Palm

Lauren has found no greater joy than giving the gift of life. Helping others is what led Lauren to become a certified personal trainer, Pilates and yoga instructor. She has a bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of Georgia and two delightful sons. Her pregnancies and deliveries were so easy that she felt compelled to help others who were not as fortunate. Before joining Surrogate Solutions, Lauren was a surrogate. Gayle matched Lauren with a wonderful couple who had been through several unsuccessful rounds of IVF, and now they are loving parents to beautiful twin girls. Lauren loves to create families and help make people’s dreams come true. She works hard to find a compatible match so everyone can enjoy this special journey as much as she did.

Didi Perry
Didi Perry

Having worked in the medical field for 18 years, Didi is well versed in patient protocol, medical procedures and insurance regulations. Didi is the mother of three grown children, and knew she wanted to be a surrogate from her very first pregnancy. Thoroughly enjoying her pregnancies, childbirth and the blessings that children bring, Didi knew that she was meant to help others achieve their dreams of having a family. Didi, along with the support of her husband, embarked on her journey through surrogacy, and she has now carried four pregnancies for three incredibly happy couples whose lives are forever blessed. Didi’s experience and passion for surrogacy is what led her to Surrogate Solutions and what drives her to help as many people as she can through the sometimes overwhelming process of surrogacy.

Christina Ferrero

Giving to others and making others’ dreams come true through surrogacy is woven into Christina’s fabric. She has a BIG heart, and she loves people! Christina Ferrero is a Surrogacy Coordinator for Surrogate Solutions, and her experience in customer service, ministry and case management have made her the perfect fit for her current role. Christina’s experience as a gestational carrier has only enhanced her passion to serve others, and she takes great joy in guiding intended parents and surrogates through the surrogacy process. Christina and her husband have three active boys. They are involved in their church and they love heading to the mountains in the summer. Christina loves a good cup of coffee, enjoys yoga, and loves reading books.

Angela Sanchez

Angela has a huge passion for helping others by listening, being supportive, giving hope and fulfilling dreams. Being a surrogate was something Angela contemplated for years, and in 2012 she embarked on her first journey. Angela has since helped complete three families and delivered four baby boys into the arms of their loving parents. Angela and her husband have three grown children and are expecting grandchildren soon. In their spare time they enjoy traveling, spending time with their children, and going for long walks on the beach.

Barette Best

Barette has a background in vocational education, corporate training and management. Working with people, helping others and giving back is a passion for her and her family. She was inspired by friends to become a surrogate in 2014 after witnessing years of their personal infertility struggles. Barette had such an amazing experience, she was a surrogate once again in 2019. She and her husband of 13 years have two boys and three Boston terriers. In their spare time you will catch them living the boat life, collecting litter in the ocean, and walking on the sugar sand beaches in beautiful Florida.

Kayla Fritz
Kayla Fritz

Kayla joined the Surrogate Solutions team as a Surrogate Educator because of her amazing experience carrying twins for a family. She is passionate about educating and guiding potential surrogates as they decide if surrogacy is a way they can help make a difference. Each caring and selfless gestational carrier she meets just confirms why she loves what she does. Kayla has a Bachelor in Business and a Master’s of Science in Organizational Leadership. She is the mom of one little guy who loves to keep her on her toes! Kayla enjoys being on the lake swimming or kayaking as well as spending time with family and friends.

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