Giving the gift of life to someone who cannot have a baby on their own is a beautiful thing. You could be the person to change their lives forever!

If you decide to help a family in this way, our team will walk alongside you through your entire journey. We will answer any questions you have, match you with a family that is perfect for you, and guide you through the process. You will find comfort knowing that each team member has been a surrogate/gestational carrier, and they understand how to best support you. We look forward to talking with you soon.


Surrogacy is the act of carrying a baby (not genetically related to you) for someone else. During the surrogacy process, not only are you giving the couple or individual you are carrying for an amazing gift, you are creating moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and extended family. You are changing lives and making dreams come true for so many!

Throughout the surrogacy process, you will be supported by our team of professionals (all of whom have been surrogates themselves), and they will guide you through your pregnancy to delivery. You may start your journey wanting to give to another family, but you will be changed in the process. You will experience overwhelming joy and satisfaction, knowing you were able to make such an impact…and without you, they would not have created their happy family!


We are a team of former surrogates ready to guide you along the journey of helping a family. To date, our team has carried 20 babies and experienced the ultimate JOY in handing parents their baby/babies. It is an experience we can’t explain, and we invite you to explore how it might be an exciting adventure for you and your family!

Surrogate Solutions was founded by a surrogate who ultimately felt there was a gap in the industry. She was looking to create an agency that served both surrogates and intended parents well, and she had a high calling to ensure everyone experienced JOY in this journey. Our team of carriers knows first-hand the feelings you are experiencing. We know your desire to help, serve, match with a family that is right for you. We know this because we were right where you are. You can do this, and we would love to help you along the way.




This is simple and easy. Share about your pregnancies, family, and expectations for a journey.




We will then request your medical records and complete a background check.



Our Director of Matching will send you profiles of families who match what you are looking for in a journey. Some considerations will be location, views on a birth experience, contact throughout the journey and after, termination, and additional expectations you may have.



Get to know the family (face to face) you are going to be helping. Share your hopes and expectations and start forming the beautiful and rewarding relationship that surrogacy cultivates.


Are you between the ages of 21 and 40 years of age?
Are you raising at least one child that you have birthed?
Are you in overall good health? BMI must be under 33.
Are you financially independent and not receiving any state or federal government assistance (Medicaid, CHIP, WIC, Food Stamps, etc)?
Do you have a flexible schedule where you can commit to appointments?
Are you content with the number of children you have birthed and raising?
Is it true that you have had no serious medical problems during pregnancy or delivery, including no pre-term deliveries before 36 weeks (unless in the event of multiples)?
Additional Qualificationsa


If you answered yes, we encourage you to consider helping a family.




  • What is it like to give the baby up after delivery?

    A gestational carrier would not be “giving the baby up”. She’d be giving the baby back to the parents that had chosen her to carry for them! There is no genetic connection between a gestational carrier and the surrogate baby/ies she carries. Sometimes people aren’t aware of this fact, but it definitely helps the carrier and her family to mentally prepare before and during the pregnancy. The carrier is preparing to hand the parents their baby back, and she fully understands that the baby was never hers to begin with.

  • How long does it take to find a match?

    This can vary for each candidate. Once your profile is complete with medical records and background checks are done, it could take a couple of weeks to several months before you are officially matched. This fully depends on not just one but several factors. The right match is a process that is definitely best not rushed. We want to make sure you have the perfect fit, not just any fit, concerning your views on termination of a pregnancy, compensation, number of embryos to transfer, and so on.

  • What are the medications like to become a surrogate?

    The medications to become pregnant as a gestational carrier can vary depending on the clinic’s protocol. Some clinics require patients to give themselves injectable medications while others may not require any injectables at all. It is always best to prepare yourself for the possibility of having to administer shots at home, but this is something you may or may not have to do.

  • Do you really get paid to be a surrogate?

    You do not get a paycheck since surrogacy is not a job, but you are compensated for the time and effort during the process. The compensation amount can vary from contract to contract. This is a private agreement between the Intended Parents and their carrier. The agreed-upon compensation is not guaranteed since the achievement of pregnancy is never guaranteed, but once you are pregnant, monthly installments are paid over the course of the pregnancy. There could be many factors such as unsuccessful embryo transfers or miscarriage that could cause compensation to never start or even halt.

  • What is the typical compensation for a surrogate?

    The typical compensation range is from $35,000 to $50,000+ and is completely based on the surrogate’s experience as a carrier, her insurance status, what state she resides in, and if she is working with International or Domestic Intended Parents.

  • Is there anything you’re not allowed to eat or do during a surrogate pregnancy?

    You are allowed to eat and participate in normal low-risk activities as you usually would during any normal, healthy pregnancy per your OBs guidelines. Unless there is a specific agreement between the carrier and her Intended Parents to avoid certain items, she may carry on per her doctor’s recommendations. Obviously, the usual substances like nicotine, alcohol, and drugs are NEVER allowed. There could be specific food requests based on religion or lifestyle preferences that Intended Parents may request of their surrogate prior to matching. These specifics are usually brought up on applications and during the match meeting so there are no surprises later. If either party were to not feel sure about the requests, it would need to be discussed before a definite match was determined.

  • How much input will the surrogate have over the pregnancy?

    For the most part, the surrogate has a very large say in the pregnancy. The Surrogate and Intended Parents should be in agreement with each other over factors like home birth vs hospital, vaccinations during the pregnancy vs no vaccinations, and having optional testing done throughout the pregnancy. Both parties should always go into surrogacy with a great deal of trust and respect for one another. Everyone should always strive to make major decisions together.

  • Will I get to pick my own OB or will I need to go to the Intended Parent’s doctor throughout the pregnancy?

    You will get to pick your own OB for prenatal care and delivery as long as they are a qualified medical provider. You do have to go to the IP’s IVF doctor until you are released to your OB for care, which is usually around 10 weeks of pregnancy.

  • Do you get to meet the parents?

    Yes! Surrogacy is the mutual agreement between the carrier and the Intended Parents. You will likely read about each other in your profiles well before ever meeting in person or over video conference. In the beginning, you may feel like acquaintances that met through an agency, but by the end of the pregnancy, you will likely know each other very well based on how much involvement was had during the process. There are some Intended Parents that find it very hard to develop a personal relationship with their carrier due to previous heartaches and losses. Each match is unique in this respect. The level of involvement that each party is expecting of the other is another topic that is usually agreed upon before you are ever considered a true match.

  • How much travel is involved?

    Depending on where the IVF clinic is, you may have to take 2 or 3 trips to them throughout a cycle. This depends on what each clinic requires of their patients. Usually, the first trip is for medical screening and the second one for embryo transfer. There could be an additional trip for a mock transfer but this is not routine across all clinics. Any appointments for monitoring during a cycle can usually be performed at a local monitoring clinic close to you. Long-distance travel is kept to a minimum whenever possible.

  • What if I’m a single mother? Can I still be a surrogate?

    Absolutely! It is not a requirement to be married in order to become a gestational carrier. There are numerous single mothers that pursue surrogacy without a spouse or significant other. If you have a good support system in place, you can be a surrogate!

  • How involved will my significant other need to be?

    During the medical and psychological screening, some clinics do require the surrogate’s partner to undergo a blood test and participate in the psychological evaluation. This is not always the case based on the clinic’s requirements, but it is only to ensure that the surrogate’s partner is disease-free as to not transmit anything to the baby during pregnancy, and to ensure the partner is supportive of the surrogacy. During the legal contracts, if you are a married couple, both parties must sign the contract. Your significant other is usually the biggest part of your support system during pregnancy. Their involvement in the process is small overall, but very key to a healthy and happy journey.

  • How do I help my children understand what I am choosing to do?

    The best advice we can give is to keep it sweet and simple. Children tend to understand better when you put it into terms they understand. There are several children’s books to explain that this is a way to help a Mommy or Daddy that cannot have a baby on their own. Children of surrogates have the perfect life example of what it’s like to do something selfless for someone else. It’s a great teaching opportunity if you choose to do so. How much you want to explain to your children is your personal choice, but sometimes your children can be your biggest cheerleaders!

  • What are the benefits of using an agency?

    You have a team designed to help YOU!  As an agency, we are here to support, advocate, and educate you on the process of being a surrogate. We are here to ensure all your questions are asked, you are cared for, to advocate/mediate if needed, just to be an extra person to help you navigate this exciting experience. ALL of our team members have been surrogates themselves so we understand your feelings and are committed to supporting you.

  • How many embryos are usually transferred?

    This is a case by case discussion and agreement between both the Intended Parents and their Surrogate during the matching phase. It is always a good idea to never agree to transfer more embryos than babies you are willing to carry. For example, if you are only comfortable with carrying one baby, it is wise to only transfer one embryo. Occasionally an embryo can split resulting in twins, but that cannot be predicted. Being sure of how many babies you are willing to carry can greatly minimize the need for fetal reduction or termination that sometimes can occur with multiples pregnancies.

  • If the surrogate changes her mind, at what point is it ok to walk away?

    This question is a challenging question to answer. A surrogate is usually allowed to walk away from a match at any point in the process as long there is no viable pregnancy. The decision to break a match should never be made lightly, same as the decision to make a match. Worst case scenario, if the surrogate is already pregnant and feels the match is irreparable, she cannot break the match but can resort to using the agency coordinator (or another mediator such as her attorney or similar entity) to communicate for the remainder of the pregnancy.


Katy Encalade
Katy Encalade

Katy Encalade has always followed her call to serve others and this led her to the egg donor industry about 10 years ago. She worked with an agency that allowed her to walk Intended Parents through the process of becoming parents and creating happy families. When the opportunity for her to serve families on a more personal level presented itself, she founded Egg Donor Solutions. She talks daily with couples and individuals that need an egg donor to complete their family. She guides them through the selection process as they find a donor willing to help them in such a meaningful way.

Katy had never met another surrogate, but she did work closely with Gayle at Surrogate Solutions when Intended Parents searching for an egg donor also needed a surrogate. She loved that she was serving so many families experiencing infertility by matching them with egg donors, but there came a point when she felt called to do more. All three of her pregnancies had been easy and she just felt the time was right to give the gift of life by being a surrogate herself.

Through Surrogate Solutions, and with the unwavering support of her family, Katy was matched with a wonderful couple in need of her help. Katy and her intended parents shared the same values and they agreed on all the major matching factors like termination, delivery preferences, and the type of relationship they wanted throughout this journey. This made deciding to take this journey together a simple one. Almost immediately they felt like family, quickly opening up and bonding over mutual interests. The relationship continued to thrive as Katy became pregnant and delivered a beautiful baby for them. After delivery, Katy was put in contact with two fathers who were blessed by a little girl that same week via a gestational carrier. Katy was able to provide milk for their sweet girl for a few weeks.

Katy feels being a surrogate was one of the best experiences that she and her family ever walked through together. She was overwhelmed with love for this family, and she was able to understand the joy that surrogacy can bring to families.

Katy is now the Executive Program Director of both Egg Donor Solutions and Surrogate Solutions and she continues her call to serve by creating happy families. With an amazing team of women offering impeccable service, Katy is leading the charge to continue educating women and providing opportunities to empower them to help others by giving of themselves. Whether a family needs an egg donor or a woman willing to sacrifice months of her live to carry a baby, in Katy’s mind, there is no greater calling. Like egg donation, surrogacy is another way that women can bless their own families while blessing another family and making a difference that is immeasurable.

Gayle Garrett
Gayle Garrett

Gayle Garrett is the HEART of Surrogate Solutions. She followed her passion to help others when she founded the company and has chosen team members who share that passion. When asked about Gayle, all of her employees describe her as “the best boss ever “and share the feeling that they’ve never had a job they enjoyed so much. There is a common expression “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” attributed to Confucius. Unfortunately, few people get to experience this in the reality of the 21st century. Gayle has made it her life’s work to love and encourage others and this is evident in her business. Intended Parents and Surrogates that have used Surrogate Solutions will tell you that they felt cared for because they were. Gayle doesn’t have to encourage her staff to care about their clients because she only chooses people in which caring for others is already ingrained in who they are. In fact, Surrogate Solutions staff have all been surrogates themselves and want to continue to helping. Gayle leads by example and her team feels honored to be able to guide others through their surrogacy journeys.

Gayle’s story started 14 years ago just after the birth of her first child in California. She and her husband were reminiscing about how wonderful the pregnancy had been when her husband joked that she handled it so beautifully she should be a surrogate. That quip caught Gayle off guard and surprisingly resonated within her. Shortly after settling into motherhood, she googled surrogacy agencies, filled out an application, and hoped for the best. When speaking with the representative from the agency, Gayle realized that she wasn’t prepared to answer all the questions. Was her family complete? Would she be able to terminate if something was wrong with the baby and that was the desire of the parents? Was she comfortable carrying twins? Was she ready? She had more to think about than she originally thought and ultimately decided she was not ready for surrogacy and would reevaluate when her family was complete.

Three years later, a move to Texas, and the proud mother of two, Gayle knew their family was complete. She was working full time as a nurse and became acutely aware of how many people she knew that were currently or had previously struggled with infertility. It was time to for her to follow her call to help. She found a surrogacy agency, was accepted into their program, assigned a couple and completed the transfer of their only two embryos into her uterus. Unfortunately, the transfer resulted in a chemical pregnancy and naturally, both Gayle and her Intended Parents were deeply saddened. Gayle’s Intended Mother confided in her how she felt the agency they matched through was extremely sterile and impersonal and as someone that had experienced so much heartbreak up to this point, she had hoped for more support from the agency she had chosen. Gayle couldn’t have agreed more and she knew there were bigger things she was being led to do.

She still wanted to help, but knowing she wouldn’t be able to carry for every couple she met, she followed her heart and founded Surrogate Solutions in July of 2007. She was confident that Intended Parents and surrogates alike deserved more than feeling like a number. Guiding people with empathy and support became Gayle’s mission. She started Surrogate Solutions with a different approach focusing on getting to know each Intended Parent and Surrogate and matching them based on their mutual interests, beliefs, and desires rather than just assigning them to the next person on the list. While she was matching and guiding others on their surrogacy journeys, she was still waiting for her perfect match to come along and she knew immediately when she found them. She had a very special connection with them and her heart was filled with joy knowing she was going to make them parents. Their families became very close and the mother was by Gayle’s side, holding her hand during labor. Gayle describes the moment the parents received their babies as THE BEST moment of her life. To be able to do something so selfless for someone, in giving them the one thing they so longed for but couldn’t have without her. That was the very reason she was compelled to become a surrogate. Gayle and the team at Surrogate Solutions still strive to ensure that all of their surrogates are able to experience that same fulfillment of purpose in their journeys and that everyone is cared for and supported.

Lauren Palm

Lauren is our Director of Surrogacy Coordination and Matching at Surrogate Solutions. Like all of our surrogate coordinators, Lauren’s initial experience with Surrogacy came first-hand through being a surrogate. She had read about it and thought “I could do that.” She felt her pregnancies had been almost unfairly easy and the more people she talked to about this new idea of hers, the more she heard others say that they couldn’t do that. With the exception of her mother that said she would have loved to have been a surrogate thirty years ago if she could have. At this point, she describes feeling like she had a special gift she was able to give and reached out to Surrogate Solutions. Lauren was matched with a local couple in need of some help creating their family. There was an instant feeling of warmth and connection when they initially met and as they started their journey a friendship easily formed over their shared venture. This was long enough ago where transferring two embryos to increase the chances of getting one baby was common practice, but both embryos implanted and she carried twins to term. Lauren describes her experience in one word, Joy.

She felt so much joy not only in her ability to give them this gift of growing their children and watching them become parents, but also in the way she was able to nurture their glimmer of hope after so much failure and loss and turn their hope into the joy of being parents. While many surrogates take the path of multiple surrogacies to keep spreading the joy, Lauren felt compelled to become the guide and reached out to the owner of Surrogate Solutions about growing the company.

Lauren is now in her eighth year with Surrogate Solutions and still loves sitting down with intended parents and listening to their stories of what they’ve been through to get here and giving them that initial glimmer of hope. She enjoys getting to know surrogates and helping them fulfill their own desire to help. Lauren still takes pride in finding everyone the right match, so they too get to experience the joy. She has learned a lot over the years, while watching the industry grow and change. She jokes that she now has the equivalent of a Masters degree in health insurance education with all of the hours spent learning and navigating the changes every single year. It is her goal that even as the company and industry both continue to change and grow, she will still provide that intimate level of care as she guides others on their own journeys.

Christina Ferrero

Christina is a Surrogate Coordinator at Surrogate Solutions. As a former children’s minister, Christina has several years of experience in working with and serving families. Christina was searching for additional ways to help families, and since becoming a surrogate herself, this was the perfect career path. What Christina loves most about her position at Surrogate Solutions is that she gets to help couples gain a glimmer of hope when nothing else was working for them to become a family. She enjoys being a part of the surrogacy process for couples and surrogates, and she loves that she can witness their journey from beginning to end.

Christina heard about surrogacy years ago and thought about it since her pregnancies were easy. However, it simply wasn’t the right time for her family. Years later she read an article on couples struggling with infertility and she knew it was her time to help a couple in need. Her husband and children were immediately on board. Christina hopes her sons see this as an amazing opportunity to help others. Christina’s Intended Parents are an hour away from her hometown and they are a perfect match. Not only is she helping a family, but she has gained lifelong friends in the process.

Christina is currently in her third trimester and almost to the end of an amazing journey. There have been small sacrifices along the way, but this experience has been worth every single one of them. This is a life-altering event! She dreams of the upcoming birth where she will get to watch the doctors hand the baby over to the Intended Parents. Not only is a precious baby being born into this world, an entire family is being born. A new mother and father, an aunt and an uncle, even grandparents will be made that day. Christina being a small part of that is indescribable.

Angela Sanchez

Angela first learned about surrogacy through a family member who had carried a difficult pregnancy. Having a heart condition prevented this family member from having more than one child, and she jokingly told Angela that SHE should consider having a baby for her one day. Angela didn’t know anything about surrogacy at the time, so she dismissed the thought of it and continued to grow her family.
Angela and her husband were blessed with one girl and two boys the following four years, but for the next 12 years, the comment this family member made echoed repeatedly in Angela’s mind.

When Angela’s youngest son was 12, she learned that one of her neighbors had just completed her first surrogacy journey. As the two talked, the neighbor told Angela all about her experience and the excitement and joy that she and the parents shared on delivery day. The feeling of helping a couple have a family is something not everyone can experience. This neighbor’s story was so powerful that Angela stood there hanging on every word. Angela describes the draw to surrogacy as a higher calling, a call to do something greater than herself. That is when she knew this was something she really wanted to do.

In 2012, Angela worked with a surrogacy agency to be a gestational carrier. She was matched with a single Intended Father (IF) from Argentina. He wanted twins and Angela and her family was all on board! If she was going to carry for such an anxious, excited intended father, why not go all out and give him not one, but two! Two embryos were transferred and they both implanted! Angela was pregnant with twin boys! Being Angela’s first set of twins, she wasn’t certain how her body was going to react, but this was the easiest pregnancy she had. She did not suffer any pregnancy symptoms or complications, and she only gained twenty-five pounds. Angela was so thankful for such an easy journey, and delivery day was AMAZING! Watching her IF witness the babies’ birth was such a speechless moment. The awe he had in his eyes, the smile that filled his face and his heart of gratitude was more than Angela could ask for. His happiness alone made the journey so fulfilling. The twins are almost 6 years old now, and both families continue to keep in touch.

A year after the twins were born, Angela decided to do another journey. Unfortunately, after several transfers and a miscarriage at eight weeks, Angela felt she was done carrying babies for families. A few months later, her dear friend (Didi from Surrogate Solutions) reached out and asked if she would consider carrying again. “Only if you find me the perfect family”, Angela said. Of course, Didi had just that perfect family in mind. The intended parents and Angela decided to work together, and a few months later Angela carried their first boy. Angela’s experience with Surrogate Solutions was amazing. She was so impressed with all of the little things they thought of to make the intended parents and her have such a smooth, joyous journey. This led them to want to have another boy, so Angela carried for the third time!

While Angela loved being pregnant and helping people complete their families, she decided it was time to move on to another role. In January of 2019, Angela landed her dream job of being a Surrogate Coordinator. Angela is so excited to be able to help both surrogates and intended parents fulfill their dreams of creating happy families.

Barette Best

Barette is a wife and mother to two amazing boys. To her and her husband family is everything, they even have matching family tattoos. They could not imagine not being able to have children and after witnessing friends struggle with infertility, they knew that they could help make this dream a reality.

A friend of Barette’s was a surrogate and suggested to check out surrogacy. She did! She applied, was matched with an amazing couple and they were on their surrogacy journey in 2014. Barette’s family and the intended parents grew very close and to this day they are involved in each other’s lives. Her sons are honorary uncles to the almost five-year-old child, and they will continue to be lifelong friends.

Barette felt the urge to continue to Help Create Families and become a surrogate again, but this time she researched agencies and fell in love with Surrogate Solutions because of the family like atmosphere, the amazing and personal interaction and she loved that the agency was owned and facilitated by former surrogates. In 2018 Lauren matched her with an amazing couple who had been trying for 10 years to complete their family. Barette and the couple felt an instant connection and they were quickly on their surrogacy journey. With a smooth pregnancy and delivery another family was created through surrogacy. Seeing the look in the parent’s eyes the very first time they see their baby is indescribable. To be a part of their journey to become a family has been an opportunity of a lifetime.

Barette wanted to continue to help create families, but on a much larger magnitude. In April 2019 Barette landed her dream job of Surrogate Educator. Barette is excited, honored and privileged her current role to help surrogates and intended parents fulfill their dreams of becoming parents and forming a family.

Meg Watwood

Meg truly has a heart for serving others. She has a master’s degree in social work, and prior to joining Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions, she worked in hospice care and early childhood education. As a Surrogate Educator, Meg works with both surrogates and intended parents to educate and guide them through the surrogacy process. A two-time surrogate herself, Meg loves helping intended parents create their families and views surrogacy as another way she can serve others.

Meg first learned about surrogacy from watching an episode of The Little Couple on TLC. After discussing it with her husband, Meg felt like it was something she could do, but she needed more information first. Looking back, she believes it was part of God’s plan as she was soon introduced to Gayle Garrett, founder of Surrogate Solutions, at their church in Waco, Texas. She asked to meet with Gayle and the rest is history.

Meg’s desire to become a surrogate was born from her own experience with infertility. She and her husband experienced secondary infertility after having their daughter and required the help of invitro fertilization to conceive their twin boys. Their fourth child, a daughter, was born in between her surrogacy journeys.

Meg describes surrogacy as “a personal and intimate journey that shouldn’t be treated as a business traction.” For her, it was important to match with intended parents that wanted to be involved and wanted a connection. Meg and her family remain close with both families she carried for and have traveled to Austin and Houston to visit them.

Her children being involved in the surrogacy process was also very important to Meg, and both families were very gracious to include her children. The second set of intended parents flew her entire family to Denver, where the fertility clinic was located, and they were able to spend a few days together sightseeing and getting to know one another.

Both times after giving birth to the surrogacy babies, Meg’s children were able to meet the babies at the hospital and say goodbye to the intended parents. These experiences have left a lasting impact on the entire family. “We’re always seeking to serve others, and while it might be unconventional, we see surrogacy as a beautiful way to serve others in need,” Meg says.

Whitney Hall

For Whitney, being a surrogate has always felt like a divine calling and something she was meant to do. She began thinking about surrogacy after experiencing an easy pregnancy with her eldest daughter and realizing how much she loved being pregnant. She knew she had to complete her own family first, so Whitney and her husband put the idea on hold until after the birth of their twins. When they were ready to move forward, the timing was perfect.

One of Whitney’s friends mentioned that her sister was using a surrogate, and Whitney asked to be put in touch with the woman to learn more about her experience. She was then introduced to Surrogate Solutions and matched with her first set of intended parents just two weeks later. She describes the journey with the intended parents as very easy and relaxed. They had several embryos and were adamant about only transferring one. But the embryo split, and they ended up with identical twin girls. Whitney recalls the moment during the sonogram when the technician asked how many embryos were transferred and the “deer in the headlights” look on the intended parent’s faces when they were told there were two heartbeats. It paralleled Whitney’s own experience and the surprise she felt when she was pregnant with her twins.

After her first surrogacy journey, Whitney didn’t think she would be able to do a second because all of her deliveries had been via c-section. However, she was able to get approval for a fourth c-section, and she delivered a baby boy for another set of intended parents. She describes the second journey as vastly different from the first but equally rewarding.

As a Surrogacy Coordinator, Whitney loves that she gets to continue being a small part of helping to create families. She works with intended parents and surrogates once they have been matched to guide and support them throughout their journey – from the initial medical screening to the pregnancy and delivery.

Whitney and her husband live in Houston with their three children. They enjoy attending sporting events that her husband coaches, the children’s various activities, family movie nights and being involved at their church.

Allyson McGee

As a Surrogacy Care Coordinator, Allyson works with intended parents and surrogates once they are matched. She supports them throughout their journey – from the start of their relationship until after the delivery. It’s a role she’s well-suited for, as her personal experience provides insight into the perspectives of both intended parents and surrogates and helps her advocate for both parties.

Allyson was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and required multiple IUI cycles to conceive her first two children. She had two ectopic pregnancies – one prior to conceiving her daughter and a second in between her daughter and son. It was the heartache she experienced from those losses that led her to surrogacy. She recalled a time when she questioned whether she would ever have the opportunity to become a parent and wanted to help other families experience the same joy she felt with her children.

Allyson and her husband agreed they would not do any more fertility treatments after their second child. However, they got a sweet surprise when Allyson became pregnant naturally as she was in the process of weaning her son, and her surrogacy plans were put on hold until after the birth of their third child (a girl).

In 2011, Allyson was ready to get started. She was matched locally with intended parents in Dallas and delivered their son in May 2012. After witnessing the joy from the intended parents when they met their son for the first time, Allyson knew immediately that she wanted to do it again.

For her second journey, she was matched with intended parents in New York City. She delivered their son in 2013, then did a sibling journey after the family moved to Miami and delivered their second son in 2016. Allyson’s relationship with the family has come full circle as she is now facilitating their third journey with a new surrogate through her role at Surrogate Solutions. Allyson is supporting them as they start to build their relationship, which she says is the best part of the journey. “It’s pretty amazing when you think about it. You begin as strangers and it’s awkward, but by the end, you’ve connected and formed this incredible bond.”

Allyson has completed her own family, receiving another unexpected blessing with the birth of her fourth child (a son) in 2017. She remains close with both families she carried for and enjoys continuing to be a part of their story. She loves getting to witness how the children are thriving and seeing the pride on their parents faces, knowing she had a hand in helping to create their happy families.

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