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Are You Ready for your next Surrogacy Journey?

Posted: 04/22/22

Many of our gestational carriers (GCs) have done multiple journeys. After a rewarding experience the first time around, they are eager to help create another happy family. To be approved for a repeat journey, GCs must meet the same basic qualifications that were required for their first journey. This includes being between the ages of 21-40, having a body mass index (BMI) 33 or below, having had no more than two c-sections, receiving medical clearance from an obstetrician and several other criteria.

“Being a surrogate is such an amazing feeling, it’s hard to stop at just one journey,” says Barette Best, Community & Brand Specialist for Surrogate Solutions and a two-time surrogate. As long as they receive medical clearance, most of our GCs choose to do a second journey.”

If you are a current or recent GC considering a repeat journey, below are four steps to know about the process.

1. Talk to your coordinator. Your coordinator will follow up with you at one week, five weeks, three months and six months postpartum. Let your coordinator know as soon as possible if you are thinking about another journey, so she can provide you with an OB clearance letter (for medical approval). Once the OB clearance letter has been completed by your physician, you will return it to your coordinator so she can get started on your new paperwork.

If you had a vaginal delivery with your first journey, you will most likely be cleared for another transfer at six months postpartum, which means you can start the process again at three to four months postpartum. If you had a c-section, you would need to wait until 12 months postpartum for the transfer, so you can begin the process for your next journey at nine to 10 months postpartum.

2. Update your profile. You will need to update your profile with new photos, your most recent delivery records and your new compensation requirements. We also recommend that you update your profile with information about your first journey – what you liked most about the experience and what you are most looking forward to in your next surrogacy journey.

3. Schedule interviews. Once your profile has been updated, your coordinator will inform the intake team at Surrogate Solutions. They will reach out to you for an interview to ensure that all the required documentation has been completed and to approve you for another journey. Then, you will meet with Lauren Palm, Director of Matching, to discuss what kind of match you are looking for and begin reviewing intended parent profiles.

4. Repeat the surrogacy process. While it most likely won’t take as long it did with your first journey, you will repeat all the steps in the surrogacy process – from matching with intended parents to the psychological evaluation and medical testing to the legal paperwork. Soon you will be on your way to making another set of intended parents’ dreams come true!

We welcome repeat GCs through our agency as well as GCs who previously worked with a different agency. Either way, we would be honored to guide and support you on your journey to create more happy families!

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