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Considering Surrogacy in 2023?

Posted: 10/20/22



Open enrollment is a critical time for our agency. It’s the time of year when gestational carriers who do not have a health insurance plan that covers surrogacy can apply for one through the Marketplace (also known as the Affordable Healthcare Act). For 2023, the open enrollment period begins November 1, 2022, and ends January 15, 2023.

All gestational carriers at Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions are required to have health insurance that covers a surrogate pregnancy. This is for your own protection, as well as the intended parents, who are responsible for all medical fees associated with the pregnancy and delivery. Many health insurance plans have exclusions for surrogacy. This means that even if you have health insurance through your employer or your spouse’s/partner’s employer, it’s not a guarantee that your plan will cover a surrogate pregnancy. This is something that is carefully vetted by our team, and only about 50% of gestational carriers have policies that cover surrogacy.

When a gestational carrier’s personal policy does not cover surrogacy, the intended parents must purchase an insurance policy on her behalf. Purchasing a policy through the Marketplace during open enrollment is the best and most economical option – it can save the intended parents $10,000 or more versus if they were to purchase a private policy outside of the open enrollment period. With the total cost of surrogacy running upwards of $100,000, this is an important consideration for most intended parents.

So, what does the open enrollment period mean for you as a potential surrogate? If you’re interested in becoming a surrogate in 2023, we strongly encourage you to apply for our program as soon as possible, especially if you know you will need insurance coverage, in order to be approved before the open enrollment deadline. Even if you’re not ready to start your journey immediately, we still recommend that you apply now as it often takes a few months to be approved and matched with intended parents.

If surrogacy has been on your heart, there is no better time than now to get started! We currently have about 85 intended parents waiting to be matched with a gestational carrier. You could be the solution to helping create a happy family, and there is truly no greater gift for intended parents who are longing for a child of their own. You can find information about our gestational carrier requirements, FAQs, and more at You can also contact a member of our team anytime at We would be honored to connect with you and support you throughout your journey!


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