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Meet Lindsay & Jeremy, can you be their solution?

Posted: 06/22/20

Lindsay and Jeremy met their junior year of college at the University of Oklahoma and kept in touch after graduating. They started dating and soon after that, Lindsay accepted a job in Santiago, Chile. Even though they lived in different countries for a year and a half, it allowed them to start exploring the world together.  They visited Chile, Argentina, Peru, Canada, Hawaii, Kuwait and Dubai before marrying in 2017.

Lindsay and Jeremy started trying to have a baby right after they got married, and after a year and a half of trying naturally, they ultimately had to turn to IVF.  They were blessed with 6 genetically-tested embryos, but they were not able to achieve a pregnancy after two rounds of embryo transfers. Their third transfer was canceled halfway through due to COVID-19 restrictions. Complicating things further, Lindsay was diagnosed with a medical condition, and their physician recommended they use a gestational carrier to help them complete their family.

Lindsay and Jeremy both come from very loving, close-knit families, and their parents and sisters live within a 30-mile radius.  They have a ton of support from family and friends, and they have all the love in the world to give a child.  Jeremy enjoys playing basketball and tennis while Lindsay enjoys swimming and cooking!  Much of their time is also spent outdoors with their Chihuahua/Dachshund mix, Max.

If you have ever considered surrogacy, we would love to speak with you and learn if you might be a good fit for Lindsay and Jeremy.  You can learn about the process and apply to be a surrogate at  Thank you for your consideration in helping this precious couple!


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