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Do you get to meet the parents?

Posted: 02/27/20

Yes! Once you have selected your Intended parents and they have agreed to a match meeting, a member of our matching team will schedule and facilitate a video call for everyone to get to know each other.  Once everyone agrees to the match, you will be able to meet in person. If you are local this could be as soon as the next weekend. If you are not local, you will likely meet when you travel to their clinic for the medical screening appointment. In the beginning, you may feel like acquaintances that met through an agency, but by the end of the pregnancy, you will likely know each other very well. There are some Intended Parents that find it very hard to develop a personal relationship with their carrier due to previous heartaches and losses. Each match is unique in this respect. The level of involvement that each party wants is part of what makes a compatible match and is covered in the matching process when choosing Intended Parents and will also be discussed in the match meeting.

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