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Meet Jaclyn & Jason, can you be their solution?

Posted: 02/3/22


Jaclyn and Jason are a very active couple who have been married for 8 years.  For 5 ½ of those years, they have unsuccessfully been trying to have a baby.  They have 3 embryos and were all set to do an embryo transfer last summer when Jaclyn’s older brother unexpectedly died of a heart attack.  After her brother’s death, Jaclyn decided to see a cardiologist to ensure her health was good, but she surprisingly found out that she has a small blockage in one of the arteries of her heart.  Thankfully, this can be managed with medication, but her cardiologist and reproductive endocrinologist told her it would be too dangerous for her to try and carry a pregnancy.  That is why Jason and Jaclyn are in need of a gestational carrier.


Living in New Jersey, Jason and Jaclyn are very close with their families, and they love spending time with them.  When Jaclyn is not working with children as a speech and language therapist and Jason is not teaching music, they enjoy hiking, reading, and watching sports together.  Jason also loves writing and recording music.  Jaclyn and Jason both enjoy a variety of cuisines including Mexican, Greek, Italian, Thai, Indian, and Chinese.


Both Jaclyn and Jason have very loving and supportive families and they want nothing more than to give their embryos a chance at life.  If you have had good pregnancies and feel called to give to another family, we would love to talk with you.  To learn more about surrogacy and to apply to be Jason and Jaclyn’s surrogate, please visit  Thank you for your consideration in giving to this precious family!


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