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Meet Jordan & Ori, can you be their solution?

Posted: 07/14/22


Allow us to introduce our Intended Parents Jordan and Ori. They are a same sex couple from Florida, and they have been together for eight years and married for four. From a young age, each of them dreamed of having children, and together they are now starting their surrogacy journey to have a biological child of their own.

Both Ori and Jordan are veterinarians who run their own clinic and are considered the “neighborhood vet”. They were in school many years before starting their animal hospital, and now that they are settled, they are ready to have a child. Jordan and Ori have a wonderful relationship where their partnership in life and at work is pretty seamless. They love working together caring for animals, and they also enjoy their downtime together.

In their free time, Ori likes to play the piano and Jordan likes to sing. Together they love riding bikes, reading books, and going to movies. They also enjoy exploring and going on little adventures, but they also cherish their time together at home. Jordan and Ori are big “foodies” and one of their favorite things to do is to find and try new restaurants in the area. They always look forward to having brunch together every week on their mutual day off as well.

When asked what qualities they are looking for in a gestational carrier, they said they desire to work with someone who is kind and who takes good care of herself. They would love to attend as many doctor’s appointments as possible, and they hope to keep in touch with their surrogate long after the birth of their baby. They know it takes a special person to agree to help with something so monumental, and they are extremely appreciative of the women who selflessly give to help others create their families.

If you, or someone you know, has had great pregnancies and would like to help this sweet couple complete their family, we would love to talk with you. You can learn more and complete an application at Thank you for your consideration in giving the precious gift of life!


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