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Meet Josh & Jayme, can you be their solution?

Posted: 07/11/22


Meet our Intended Parents Josh and Jayme. They are a young married couple who live in the Northeastern US and have been married for four years.  From the time they met, they dreamed of having a family together, but unfortunately, Jayme was diagnosed with several chronic illnesses (lupus, fibromyalgia, small fiber peripheral neuropathy, and others) which put her at high-risk for carrying and delivering a baby.  The only way they will be able to have a biological child of their own is with the help of a surrogate.

When asked what they are looking for in a surrogate, this is what they had to say:

“We view the act of surrogacy to be a selfless gift to another family and are seeking a surrogate who is motivated by that reasoning. This would be someone who loves her children so much that she wants to help others experience the joy of their own family. We’d like the surrogate to have a positive support system who accepts her desire to give the gift of life. We place a very high value on life and believe in a no-termination pregnancy, except when the life of the surrogate is at risk.”

Josh and Jayme will not require their carrier to get the Covid vaccine and they have several PGS-tested embryos ready.

When they are not working, Jayme and Josh enjoy traveling (particularly beach spots) and playing with their two dogs. They are big foodies and enjoy trying new restaurants in the area.  Josh is a musician and enjoys playing piano and guitar along with an occasional round of golf. Jayme enjoys fitness, archery, and puzzles.

Josh is an Information Technology Leader at a large Fortune 500 company. He has had a career with this company for over 19 years. Jayme is a certified public accountant at a local small firm. She has worked there for 10 years, which is where she began her career.

Josh and Jayme are both introverted individuals and are typically reserved in nature. However, they are excited to build a relationship with their surrogate and would love to be involved throughout the process. Jayme is known for making those around her laugh often with her silly jokes and comments. Jayme and Josh are both very determined individuals who are even-keeled, yet ambitious and they are always seeking to learn/develop personally and professionally. They want to continue to evolve in their successful careers while building a well-supported family.  Their greatest desire, though, is to love and support their children, following their own upbringing.

If you, or someone you know, feels called to help this couple complete their family, we would love to talk to you.  You can learn more about the process and apply to be their surrogate at


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