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Meet Len and Julie, Can You Be Their Solution?

Posted: 04/25/23


Len and Julie are a loving couple who have been on a journey to start a family for the past 18 months. Julie has gone through five rounds of IVF and embryo transfers, but unfortunately, she cannot carry a baby. They have been blessed with genetically healthy embryos but are in need of a surrogate to help them bring their dream of having two miracle babies into the world.

Len and Julie’s faith in God has been a constant source of strength and comfort throughout their journey. They believe that everything happens for a reason, and they trust that God has a plan for them. Despite facing numerous challenges and setbacks, they remain hopeful and optimistic, knowing that God works in mysterious ways.

Len and Julie met in 2018 through friends of friends on a vacation weekend in California. Although they didn’t pursue a romantic relationship at the time, they felt a magical connection and stayed in touch. Fast forward to March 2020, during the pandemic, they both independently were ready to leave California. That’s when they reconnected and decided to go on a five-month-long, 13,000-mile tour of 20 National Parks in a 26-foot camper trailer. They hiked, swam, cooked, played lots of Gin Rummy, and fell in love. They affectionately call this the “longest first date ever!”

Since then, they have supported each other through the too-early-death of Julie’s Stepfather, and her mother’s hip surgery, purchased their now-family home, got engaged and married, purchased and built up two businesses, and embarked on their fertility journey.

They are looking for a surrogate to help them complete their family and are committed to bringing two miracle babies into this world. (One baby/pregnancy at a time!) They would be grateful for any help, and they view it as a gift and are already prayerfully thanking God for their future surrogate. If you can help, Len and Julie would love to meet you and share a little about themselves. They are excited to learn more about you and would appreciate your kindness and compassion in helping them bring their dream of having a family to life.


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