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Meet Madi and Nate, Can You Be Their Solution?

Posted: 04/26/23

Madi and Nate have been dreaming of starting a family for years. They come from big, loving families and cherish the relationships they have with their siblings, nieces, and nephews. They long to add a little one of their own to the mix and are ready to embark on the journey of parenthood. But Madi’s heart condition, Truncus Arteriosus, prevents her from carrying a baby.

Madi and Nate have so much love to give, not only to their future child but also to the person who will help make their dream come true. They have created a loving and supportive environment where their child will thrive, surrounded by the beauty of nature, the comfort of their home, and the warmth of their family.

Madi is a passionate and caring show horse riding instructor who works with people of all ages. She knows what it takes to nurture and develop young minds, and she can’t wait to bring those skills to parenting. Nate is a logistics expert, but he’s also a devoted partner and future dad. They both love spending time outdoors, hiking, biking, and skiing. They enjoy reading, cooking, and puzzles, but most of all, they enjoy being with each other and their furry companions.

If you’re considering being a surrogate, Madi and Nate want you to know that you would be helping them fulfill their deepest wishes. You would be giving them the greatest gift of all: a child to love and cherish.

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