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Meet Amber & Travis, can you be their solution?

Posted: 07/20/20


Amber and Travis first met when they were in 6th grade!!  Both went on to marry different people, but as fate would have it, they ended up together after both divorcing.  Amber’s Chocolate Lab escaped from the yard and went on a hunt to find his mom a new husband! Travis found Tex, reconnected with Amber, and the rest is history. Travis and Amber have no doubt God brought them back together. It was the best game of fetch EVER!

Amber and Travis have three very active boys, which Amber had prior to re-connecting with Travis.  Unfortunately, due to complications after Amber’s third pregnancy, she had to have a partial hysterectomy and she is no longer able to carry a pregnancy.

Amber and Travis own a business in the industrial industry in Texas, in which they are both very involved.  Their family loves to fish, hike, and participate in sporting activities.  They are always on an adventure, and they love the outdoors.  People often comment on how busy Amber and Travis are all the time, but they look at it as living life to its fullest.

From 2009 to 2016, Amber fought brain cancer 3 different times. The last battle was by far the hardest, and it changed Amber and Travis’ perspectives on the things that truly matter in life. Together, Amber, Travis, and their boys would love to complete their family, but they cannot do it on their own.  They need your help!  If you (or anyone you know) have ever considered surrogacy, we would love to speak with you and learn if you might be a good fit for Amber and Travis.  You can learn about the process and apply to be a surrogate at  Thank you for your consideration in helping this amazing family!


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