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Meet Desirae and Jake, can you be their solution?

Posted: 06/24/20

Desirae and Jake have been happily married for 6 years, and they live in Central Texas.  Desirae is a mental health counselor and Jake is a CPA.  They have a 2 ½ year-old son who is very creative and is the light of their life, and they are longing to expand their family.

Desirae carried their son to 39 weeks gestation, but due to trauma she sustained at 32 weeks, she became paralyzed.  After several surgeries, procedures, and 3 years of physical therapy, Desirae is able to walk and function independently again, but she has been strongly advised by several specialists to never carry another pregnancy as it is too high risk for her.

Jake and Desirae love to ride bikes, go on walks, and garden together.  They love baking and trying out new recipes as well.  Jake and Desirae enjoy attending church together and hosting game nights and holiday events with friends and family at their home.

Desirae describes their life as “centered on our religion and faith in Jesus Christ.  It influences our lifestyle, beliefs, and values.  We believe in living honest, service-filled lives and strive to do so.  We are very intentional parents. We feel that what happens in the home greatly outweighs what happens outside of the home. It is our privilege and great responsibility to teach, love and nurture our child/children, and we take it seriously. Home is our sanctuary. We also have a lot of fun with each other!”

If you feel the call to serve as a surrogate and help Desirae and Jake complete their family, they would be so humbled and honored to work with you.  You can learn about the process and apply to be a surrogate at  Thank you for your consideration in helping this amazing couple!



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