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Meet Emily & Brad, Can You Be Their Solution?

Posted: 06/27/23

Emily and Brad initially crossed paths on an online dating platform in 2017. Their early conversations revolved around topics like which cereal mascot would win in a fight, with Emily favoring Tony the Tiger and Brad siding with Captain Crunch. Eventually, they decided to meet up for dinner at a Mexican restaurant, where they felt an instant connection.

During their time in a booth at the restaurant, a little girl sitting nearby caught their attention. Brad entertained her by making silly faces, which melted Emily’s heart. From that first dinner, they knew they were destined to create a life story together.

Their dates blossomed into weekends together and eventually progressed to living together. They enjoyed various activities like paint nights, theme park visits, movie nights, cooking classes, long walks, beach trips, food tours, and road trips. Their shared experiences were filled with fun and adventure, solidifying their belief that they were meant for each other.

Fast forward a couple of years, and Emily stumbled upon a ring while removing ornaments from the Christmas tree. Completely puzzled, she turned around to find Brad on one knee, ready to propose. Their wedding took place in a picturesque state park, featuring a beautiful log cabin and a nearby creek. Emily’s father officiated the ceremony, while her stepfather walked her down the aisle.

Immediately after getting married, the couple began searching for a home to start their family and lay down roots. They found the perfect family-friendly residence in a wonderful neighborhood, complete with a spacious backyard. They invested time in tending to flower and vegetable gardens, as well as renovating the interior. The only missing piece was the sound of children’s laughter.

Following their move, Emily and Brad started trying to conceive. Despite Emily’s health conditions of Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) and Polycystic Liver Disease (PLD), doctors initially assured them that having a child would not be problematic. However, after nearly a year of unsuccessful attempts, they sought the guidance of a fertility specialist. Following extensive testing, they made the difficult decision to pursue IVF. Unfortunately, during the medical clearance process, they received heartbreaking news. The doctors presented new research indicating that due to PLD, both carrying a child and undergoing IVF posed severe risks to Emily’s life. Although these diseases prevented Emily from becoming a biological parent, they did not diminish her potential to be an exceptional mother.

Family holds immense importance for Emily and Brad, and they make a concerted effort to spend time with their loved ones. They host Thanksgiving gatherings each year, inviting both sides of their families to join them around the table and they go all out for Christmas, embracing the holiday spirit. Road trips to visit their parents in the south and at the shore are also a regular occurrence. Additionally, they are fortunate to have Emily’s brother living nearby, affording them ample time to spend with him and his wife. Recently, they received the exciting news of Emily’s brother’s impending parenthood, which fills them with joy as they look forward to becoming aunts and uncles. They eagerly anticipate their child having a cousin to grow up alongside.

While their current family is beautiful, Emily and Brad yearn for it to grow, eager to share their wonderful lives with a child. They envision game nights and backyard camping adventures, helping with homework and science projects, and reading bedtime stories. They want to find the perfect sledding hill in winter, followed by cozying up by the fireplace with hot chocolate and marshmallows. Witnessing the child’s joy and wonder on Christmas morning, rushing downstairs to see if Santa ate his cookies, is a scene they want to make a reality. They aspire to teach their child the essence of true love and provide guidance to help them grow into their best selves.

They can’t wait to meet the individual who will play a vital role in making their dreams come true. Will you help Brad and Emily’s dreams of parenthood come true?


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