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Meet Erika & Chris, can you be their solution?

Posted: 05/9/22

Trigger Warning: Child Loss

Erika and Chris lost their precious son at 2 years old in a tragic accident. He was the only child they had together. Shortly after their son’s birth, Erika elected to undergo a hysterectomy due to her being a carrier of an ovarian cancer gene that was detected after her mother found out she had Stage 4 ovarian cancer. Because Erika had a hysterectomy, she is unable to carry another baby, and she and Chris desperately desire to have a child together.

Chris and Erika are a Christian couple from Texas in their early 40s. Their hope is to find a gestational carrier who is open to their involvement throughout the pregnancy. They desire a close relationship with their surrogate and hope they can continue to keep in touch long after delivery. They have 13 embryos and they will not terminate a pregnancy due to genetic abnormalities. They will also not require their gestational carrier to get the Covid vaccine if she is opposed to it.

When Erika and Chris are not working in their pharmacy, they enjoy traveling, being outdoors, riding bikes, going on walks with their dogs, and spending time with their family and friends. They are also involved in helping children in need through the non-profit organization they started following the loss of their son. Erika enjoys cooking at home, but when dining out, her preferences are Tex-Mex or Italian food. Chris loves food in general, but pizza and burgers are among his favorites. They both like country music and watch a variety of documentaries on their time off.

Erika describes Chris as a very kind, forgiving, hardworking, and loving person. “He is smart and self-driven, always looking to better himself and his family. He grew up in a loving and caring environment and it definitely shows.”

Chris describes Erika as one of the most genuine, loyal, and loving people he has ever met. He always jokes that she is way smarter than he is…but in reality it is no joke! She always goes above and beyond for her family and loved ones. She is a hard worker, the best mom, and the most amazing wife that Chris could ever ask for. Chris says, “Erika is always there to support me and her other loved ones. She is truly an amazing person.”

Together Chris and Erika desire to have a family. If you feel drawn to this couple and might be interested in being their surrogate, we would love to hear from you! You can learn more about the process and apply to be their surrogate at Thank you for your consideration in giving the gift of LIFE to this precious couple!


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