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Meet Karra and Josh, Can you be their solution?

Posted: 08/24/23

Karra and Josh are very much in love and will celebrate a decade of marriage this summer. They want children more than anything and have been trying to have a baby since their first year of marriage. Due to Karra’s extremely serious case of endometriosis, she experienced multiple ectopic pregnancies and significantly reduced ovarian reserve.  Consequently, Karra had 2 surgeries and Karra and Josh have pursued multiple rounds of IVF spread out over 8 years to produce embryos.  This condition also affected Karra’s uterus, and she cannot carry a baby.  Karra and Josh are blessed to have genetically-tested embryos and are praying for a kind surrogate who can give them the best-ever 10-year wedding anniversary gift—their baby.

Karra and Josh’s very bumpy fertility journey has been a spiritual awakening—strengthening their resilience, optimism, and spirituality, fortifying their already strong bond as a couple. Their journey demonstrated many miracles. They firmly believe that each soul has a unique mission on Earth, and they see their future children as part of a greater spiritual plan, aiming to achieve positive goals for humanity.

Karra and Josh met while living in California and fell in love over a year filled with hikes in redwood forests, picking fruit in orchards, and traveling to exciting places. Once married, they created cherished traditions of gathering friends and family for Jewish holidays, Thanksgiving, and July 4th BBQs—with a festive and meaningful atmosphere for each celebration. Now living in the Great Lakes region—and loving it—Karra and Josh include their beloved dogs, August and Valiant, on regular hiking and kayaking adventures.  Regular past times include Josh’s love of home repairs and joint pleasure in cooking, baking, reading, and volunteering for their local community, which reflects their caring and giving nature.

Karra and Josh both possess a natural optimism and enthusiasm for life. They are actively involved in the lives of their niece and nephews and maintain a close relationship with their parents, aunts, and other family members. They emotionally support each other and their families—traveling occasionally to provide home-care for a senior family member with serious medical events and helping care for senior family members during COVID. The couple is eager to share their positive life outlook, commitment to friends and family, adventures, and meaningful moments with their future children.

Josh is a software engineer with an excellent work-life balance, ready to welcome a baby. Karra, a social science researcher, also enjoys a good work-life balance and looks forward to dedicating the bulk of her future time to raising their children.

Karra and Josh are looking for a surrogate to help them complete their family. They are grateful that the option of surrogacy exists and are in thankful awe of women who are surrogates. They are praying for a kind-hearted and compassionate surrogate who will cap a 10-year journey with enormous joy. If you can help, Karra and Josh would love to meet you and share a little about themselves. They are excited to learn more about you.


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