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Meet Lauren, Can you be her solution?

Posted: 07/10/23

Lauren is a go-getter, risk-taker, dreamer, and courageous individual. She never allows adversity to deter her. Instead, she adjusts her plans while remaining steadfast in pursuit of her ultimate goals. This resilient mindset characterizes her approach to life. Lauren refuses to settle or stop dreaming, despite shedding numerous tears in recent years. Even when faced with overwhelming challenges, she maintains a daily practice of gratitude and focuses on the positives. Within her circle of friends and family, Lauren is known as a natural leader and connector, often finding creative solutions to problems. Family holds immense importance to Lauren, particularly on her mom’s side, where the shared experience of losing a parent has fostered exceptionally tight bonds.

Lauren previously held the position of Vice President of Merchandising and Product Development at Boston Proper, a fashion retailer. She also has professional experience with companies such as TJX, Perry Ellis, and Robin Ruth. Recognizing that demanding jobs and frequent travel would pose challenges once she has children, Lauren established a consulting firm alongside a former colleague and friend, who is also a new parent. This arrangement allows them to maintain flexible schedules and primarily work from home. Additionally, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Lauren obtained her real estate license and now facilitates deals for friends, offering supplemental income and flexible hours. Two years ago, she founded a women’s networking group with over 120 members. Operating as an online community, she also organizes monthly in-person events, providing an additional source of income, positive support, and valuable resources for motherhood.

In her leisure time, Lauren enjoys cooking, walks, and bike rides along the beach boardwalk, yoga, meditation, paddleboarding, reformer pilates, and boating. She possesses a passion for domestic and international travel, as well as live music, art museums, and sporting events. Engaging in arts and crafts brings her a sense of calm and satisfies her creative instincts. Additionally, Lauren takes pleasure in photography, capturing precious memories from her life’s journey.

Lauren possesses a mind that balances creativity with analytical thinking. Her thoughts consistently resemble having “100 tabs” open, and she speaks and thinks quickly. However, she finds solace and slows down through activities such as beach walks, yoga classes, morning meditation, and journaling. In her earlier years, Lauren excelled as a gymnast and participated in two Division 1 sports in college—gymnastics and cheerleading. These experiences honed her ability to work swiftly, multitask, and paved the way for her success in life. Lauren’s father never had to push her into anything; her intrinsic drive was apparent, perhaps inspired by witnessing his passion for music. As a future parent, Lauren aspires to provide the same encouragement and support to her child, fostering their pursuit of passions without coercion.

Initially, when Lauren married at the age of 26, she envisioned starting a family at 30. However, her circumstances changed, leading to a divorce at 28. At 34, she decided to freeze her eggs, considering it an insurance policy for her future with her next husband. Yet, her attempt to conceive with her ex-boyfriend was unsuccessful. After the relationship ended for other reasons, determined not to abandon her dream of motherhood, Lauren chose to pursue it independently.

While originally planning to undergo IVF with her ex-boyfriend, she adapted to the shifting dynamics and opted for a donor instead. Now, at the age of 40, Lauren recently celebrated her birthday, hoping for a positive pregnancy result, but unfortunately this wish didn’t come true yet. She underwent six fibroid surgeries over the last several years, one leading to a 4 day stay in the hospital after a complication. She has been doing IVF transfer cycles, trying every protocol imaginable to make it work, in addition to supplementing with holistic therapies, for the last year. After the last failed transfer, her doctor told her it was time to pursue other options.

She remains certain that next year she will become a mother, forever grateful to the woman who will make her dreams come true. Fond of quotes, Lauren concludes with a recent one that deeply resonates with her current journey: “A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you.”

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