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Meet Matt & Mert, Can You Be Their Solution?

Posted: 05/17/23


Matt and Mert’s story began with a swipe to the right on an online dating site. Matt, a CPA from the UK, traveled to Texas and quickly found himself captivated by the culture. Little did he know that his journey would lead him to Mert, who had also moved to Texas from Turkey to attend Texas A&M University.

After a couple of dates, Matt and Mert knew there was something extraordinary between them. Their connection grew stronger despite the distance that separated them. Matt’s job allowed him to travel frequently, but he always looked forward to his moments with Mert.

Over time their love deepened, and in 2017, Matt was granted a work transfer that brought him to Houston. Matt moved in with Mert and they have since been on a journey, full of love and adventure.

Their shared passions and interests have further solidified their bond. Matt and Mert cherish their time with loved ones, creating memories and finding solace in each other’s company. Both are VERY close with their families as they have played a significant role in their lives.

Traveling is an integral part of their lives. From trips to Japan, to exploring the cultural diversity of different countries, Matt and Mert love any opportunity to experience new adventures together. They dream of sharing these experiences with their future children and hope to instill a love for different cultures and the beauty of the world.

Matt and Mert’s personalities complement each other perfectly. They both possess a drive and competitiveness but always maintain a healthy balance. Matt’s organizational skills and love for administration make him the go-to for managing finances, planning vacations, and taking care of the practicalities of life. Mert, on the other hand, cherishes the freedom from administrative tasks, trusting Matt to handle the details while he eagerly awaits their next adventure.

Matt and Mert are filled with excitement and a longing to grow their family. They are looking for a surrogate to help make these dreams come true. They have tested embryos ready to go and are hoping to transfer two at a time. Are you willing to help them create a happy family?


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