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Meet Michele & Richard, Can you Be Their Solution?

Posted: 08/10/23

Michele and Richard have been together for over eight years. They first met in NYC and now reside together in Miami. Both come from loving and supportive families, with a close bond to their parents. They eagerly anticipate the day their parents become grandparents. However, Michele’s father’s health has been gradually declining over the past two years, making it even more important for them to have a future baby whom he can meet. 

Their shared experiences outside the family have been diverse and transformative, having traveled to more than 40 countries. Immersing themselves in various cultures has broadened their worldview. Their personalities are marked by compassion, empathy, hard work, and reliability, traits that will undoubtedly shape their journey into parenthood. 

Michele enjoys an excellent work-life balance with a flexible remote work arrangement. This flexibility will prove invaluable once they have their baby, allowing her to adjust her work schedule around the newborn’s needs, ensuring she can provide adequate care and attention. Moreover, it will enable her to be present for all the crucial developmental stages and milestones in the child’s life. 

Richard works as a Portfolio Manager and finds great satisfaction in his job. Although he works from in office, he is home by 6 PM. The couple has a cherished post-work tradition of taking nightly walks together. They have been doing this for over six years, weather permitting. With the arrival of their baby, they look forward to making it a walk of three. 

Health and wellness are essential interests for both Michele and Richard. They enjoy activities like tennis, yoga, Pilates, and HIIT workout classes. Long walks on the beach with their three-year-old mini golden-doodle, Jetty, are among their favorite pastimes. Jetty holds a special place in their hearts, and they are confident he will be an excellent big brother to their future baby. 

Michele has some health issues that are incompatible with her carrying a baby. They are very optimistic that surrogacy could help them build the family of their dreams. Will you help Michele and Richard create a happy family? 

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