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Postpartum Support For Surrogates

Posted: 05/22/23


What is Postpartum Support, and Why Is It Important for Surrogates?

The postpartum period can be challenging, even for experienced parents. For surrogates, however, the postpartum experience can be uniquely complex. Postpartum support can be a vital asset during this time, helping to alleviate physical, emotional, and mental stress. In this article, Amy Guthrie from Empower Intuition Birth Services is discussing why postpartum support is crucial for surrogates and how it can be provided.

Postpartum depression, feelings of grief, and managing their own family dynamics as well as the intended family are some of the major challenges faced by surrogates during the postpartum period. Surrogates require specific postpartum support, placing physical care and emotional support among the top priorities.

The support that surrogates receive can vary depending on their arrangement with intended parents. Postpartum care for surrogates can range from meal services, emotional support, delivery of postpartum healing supplies, or even the provision of a postpartum doula. Emotional and psychological support is equally critical, and surrogates should have access to therapy and support groups should the need arise.

Postpartum support can last well beyond the first six weeks post-birth and should be customized for every family’s unique needs. Open communication, predictable expectations, and understanding, are all critical factors that maximize the benefits of postpartum support.

It is essential that surrogacy agencies ensure that surrogates have access to appropriate medical support during the postpartum period. A post-birth plan is necessary for defining medical coverage, providing a considered plan that can extend beyond the first six weeks. In this way, surrogates can receive adequate medical support even past the six-week period.

Finally, surrogacy agencies can best educate surrogates about postpartum surrogate support, by providing comprehensive information on topics like Postpartum depression, initiatives, and best practices for postpartum mental health support, and supporting continued therapy for surrogate whenever needed.

In conclusion, postpartum support is essential for surrogates. From physical support and emotional support to continued education and medical care, there is a wide range of tools available that can facilitate the critical support a surrogate may need throughout their postpartum journey.


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