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Meet Ricky & Brenda, can you be their solution?

Posted: 01/31/22

Allow us to introduce our Intended Parents Ricky and Brenda from Conroe, TX.

They have had a long journey to becoming parents. Sadly, Brenda was diagnosed with a rare uterine cancer when she was 21 years old, and even after various chemotherapy treatments she had to have a partial hysterectomy. Therefore, they needed assistance in creating their family.

They discussed the possibilities and decided to begin the process of finding a surrogate. After seven years together, they started their search and found an amazing gestational carrier who was able to help them fulfill their dream. They recently had a daughter and are deeply in love with their little girl.

Brenda enjoys spending time outdoors, gardening, and spending time with her nephews. Ricky enjoys working out, eating healthy, and watching football. Together, they love spending time with their little girl, three dogs, reading, and spending time with family and friends. They also like helping their community by eating out and shopping at local “mom and pop” restaurants and shops around town.

Ricky and Brenda currently have seven embryos, and desperately want to give them a chance at life and to provide a sibling to their beautiful daughter. They understand the surrogacy process can take some time, so they are starting their search for another gestational carrier now.

If the surrogate is comfortable with it, they would love to have a close relationship with her. Having good communication is very important to both Ricky and Brenda. They are both very open to the surrogate’s views regarding the Covid vaccination, and they will support her in making decisions for herself regarding the vaccine.

To learn more about surrogacy and to apply to be Ricky and Brenda’s surrogate, please visit Thank you for your consideration in giving to this precious, deserving family!

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