Alex Wooten

Posted: 02/28/22

Alex was blessed to have four healthy, enjoyable pregnancies and four uncomplicated births. After having her four beautiful boys, Alex and her husband both felt their family was complete. Alex enjoyed pregnancy and birth so much, though, and felt sad that she would never be pregnant again even though she did not want any more children. Watching several close friends and family members struggle through the heartbreak of infertility, she thought, why not marry those two ideas, and carry a pregnancy for someone else? She talked about the idea with her husband and some close friends, and everyone was very supportive of the idea.

A week after completing the application, COVID-19 caused the world to shut down. She was obviously worried that this would hinder her ability to move forward with surrogacy, but Surrogate Solutions was still able to review her medical records and start working on a match for her. Lauren, the Surrogate Matching and Education Director, sent a couple of profiles to review based on preferences which included intended parents in Florida, close to Alex who wanted to be involved in the whole process. One couple in Orlando had a story that really stuck with her. They had faced so much heartbreak on their journey to conceive. Alex wanted to try and give them the opportunity to become parents. They had a match meeting via Zoom. It was really nerve-wracking, it felt like a blind date! Everyone felt good about the match and decided to move forward.

Once approved by their clinic they had their first transfer in August 2020. Alex was so excited when she got a positive home pregnancy test just 5 days after her transfer! Blood tests confirmed the pregnancy. When attending the heartbeat confirmation appointment, her IM was able to be with her in the room and they both cried tears of joy at seeing that little flicker on the ultrasound monitor showing a heartbeat. Throughout the pregnancy Alex’s IPs were so kind to her and really went above and beyond to show their support. They genuinely cared about her. Alex loved having them come to appointments with her to ask questions in person and experience as much of the pregnancy with her as possible.

Alex’s midwife and OB decided that it would be best to induce her at 38 weeks. The IPs drove to the hospital and were able to be with her for the entire (very long) induction process. As labor started getting intense, Alex’s IM was by her side the whole time. When it was time for Alex to start pushing, her IM looked at her with tears in her eyes and said, “thank you for doing this for us”. Her IM was able to catch her baby and her IF was able to cut the cord. Alex says watching her IPs hold their baby in their arms was one of the most amazing experiences of her life. There was not a dry eye in the room.

Alex’s IF said, “You hear about surrogacy in the news as something that celebrities do, but I never thought it was something that normal people actually do. Watching my wife hold our daughter, I wish we had done this years ago. It is so worth it.”  Alex and her IPs still keep in touch. Her sweet belly buddy is now 9 months old, and she loves getting updates about how she is doing and watching her grow. Alex says being a surrogate was one of the best things she has ever done in her life, it is something she is so proud of and will never forget!

Alex served local families in her area as a birth doula for 6 years before joining Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions. She is now thrilled to continue to help create families as a member of the Surrogate Solutions team and loves sharing her experience with others while educating them on the surrogacy process.

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