Amber Carrier

Posted: 05/24/22

Amber got married in 2010 and was blessed to have three healthy pregnancies, two boys and a girl. She first heard about surrogacy as a young mom. She took personal interest when a close friend of hers lost her ability to carry a baby. With several friends struggling with infertility, she felt the urge to help another family experience parenthood. She enjoyed her pregnancies and decided this was the perfect way to bring some positivity to the world.  

With the support of her husband and extended family, she started her surrogacy journey. She was matched with a family that she felt was a perfect fit. Her match meeting was a breeze and she felt instantly connected to the Intended Mother. She said they talked almost daily from then on and are still in contact 3.5 years later. 

Amber notes that there were many special moments from her journey but her favorite, other then the birth of the baby, was when her family (husband, children and extended family) and the Intended Parents did a Fresh 48/Family photo session. The Intended Parents brought a birthday cake for her children to celebrate the baby’s birth.  

Amber says the most rewarding part of surrogacy for her was seeing the Intended Parents become parents. Although Amber is no longer on a surrogate journey, she is now a key member of our Surrogate Solutions Family. Amber gets continue sharing her love for Surrogacy with hopeful women who are looking to start a journey themselves.  

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