Angela Sanchez

Posted: 02/26/20

Angela first learned about surrogacy through a family member who had carried a difficult pregnancy. Having a heart condition prevented this family member from having more than one child, and she jokingly told Angela that SHE should consider having a baby for her one day. Angela didn’t know anything about surrogacy at the time, so she dismissed the thought of it and continued to grow her family.
Angela and her husband were blessed with one girl and two boys the following four years, but for the next 12 years, the comment this family member made echoed repeatedly in Angela’s mind.

When Angela’s youngest son was 12, she learned that one of her neighbors had just completed her first surrogacy journey. As the two talked, the neighbor told Angela all about her experience and the excitement and joy that she and the parents shared on delivery day. The feeling of helping a couple have a family is something not everyone can experience. This neighbor’s story was so powerful that Angela stood there hanging on every word. Angela describes the draw to surrogacy as a higher calling, a call to do something greater than herself. That is when she knew this was something she really wanted to do.

In 2012, Angela worked with a surrogacy agency to be a gestational carrier. She was matched with a single Intended Father (IF) from Argentina. He wanted twins and Angela and her family was all on board! If she was going to carry for such an anxious, excited intended father, why not go all out and give him not one, but two! Two embryos were transferred and they both implanted! Angela was pregnant with twin boys! Being Angela’s first set of twins, she wasn’t certain how her body was going to react, but this was the easiest pregnancy she had. She did not suffer any pregnancy symptoms or complications, and she only gained twenty-five pounds. Angela was so thankful for such an easy journey, and delivery day was AMAZING! Watching her IF witness the babies’ birth was such a speechless moment. The awe he had in his eyes, the smile that filled his face and his heart of gratitude was more than Angela could ask for. His happiness alone made the journey so fulfilling. The twins are almost 6 years old now, and both families continue to keep in touch.

A year after the twins were born, Angela decided to do another journey. Unfortunately, after several transfers and a miscarriage at eight weeks, Angela felt she was done carrying babies for families. A few months later, her dear friend (Didi from Surrogate Solutions) reached out and asked if she would consider carrying again. “Only if you find me the perfect family”, Angela said. Of course, Didi had just that perfect family in mind. The intended parents and Angela decided to work together, and a few months later Angela carried their first boy. Angela’s experience with Surrogate Solutions was amazing. She was so impressed with all of the little things they thought of to make the intended parents and her have such a smooth, joyous journey. This led them to want to have another boy, so Angela carried for the third time!

While Angela loved being pregnant and helping people complete their families, she decided it was time to move on to another role. In January of 2019, Angela landed her dream job of being a Surrogate Coordinator. Angela is so excited to be able to help both surrogates and intended parents fulfill their dreams of creating happy families.

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