Barette Best

Posted: 02/26/20

Barette is a wife and mother to two amazing boys. To her and her husband family is everything, they even have matching family tattoos. They could not imagine not being able to have children and after witnessing friends struggle with infertility, they knew that they could help make this dream a reality.

A friend of Barette’s was a surrogate and suggested to check out surrogacy. She did! She applied, was matched with an amazing couple and they were on their surrogacy journey in 2014. Barette’s family and the intended parents grew very close and to this day they are involved in each other’s lives. Her sons are honorary uncles to the almost five-year-old child, and they will continue to be lifelong friends.

Barette felt the urge to continue to Help Create Families and become a surrogate again, but this time she researched agencies and fell in love with Surrogate Solutions because of the family like atmosphere, the amazing and personal interaction and she loved that the agency was owned and facilitated by former surrogates. In 2018 Lauren matched her with an amazing couple who had been trying for 10 years to complete their family. Barette and the couple felt an instant connection and they were quickly on their surrogacy journey. With a smooth pregnancy and delivery another family was created through surrogacy. Seeing the look in the parent’s eyes the very first time they see their baby is indescribable. To be a part of their journey to become a family has been an opportunity of a lifetime.

Barette wanted to continue to help create families, but on a much larger magnitude. In April 2019 Barette landed her dream job of Surrogate Educator. Barette is excited, honored and privileged her current role to help surrogates and intended parents fulfill their dreams of becoming parents and forming a family.

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