Christina Ferrero

Posted: 02/26/20

Christina is a Surrogate Coordinator at Surrogate Solutions. As a former children’s minister, Christina has several years of experience in working with and serving families. Christina was searching for additional ways to help families, and since becoming a surrogate herself, this was the perfect career path. What Christina loves most about her position at Surrogate Solutions is that she gets to help couples gain a glimmer of hope when nothing else was working for them to become a family. She enjoys being a part of the surrogacy process for couples and surrogates, and she loves that she can witness their journey from beginning to end.

Christina heard about surrogacy years ago and thought about it since her pregnancies were easy. However, it simply wasn’t the right time for her family. Years later she read an article on couples struggling with infertility and she knew it was her time to help a couple in need. Her husband and children were immediately on board. Christina hopes her sons see this as an amazing opportunity to help others. Christina’s Intended Parents are an hour away from her hometown and they are a perfect match. Not only is she helping a family, but she has gained lifelong friends in the process.

Christina is currently in her third trimester and almost to the end of an amazing journey. There have been small sacrifices along the way, but this experience has been worth every single one of them. This is a life-altering event! She dreams of the upcoming birth where she will get to watch the doctors hand the baby over to the Intended Parents. Not only is a precious baby being born into this world, an entire family is being born. A new mother and father, an aunt and an uncle, even grandparents will be made that day. Christina being a small part of that is indescribable.

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