Gayle Garrett

Posted: 02/26/20

The inception of Gayle’s incredible journey began when she discovered her profound calling to help others after the birth of her first child. The memory of her pregnancy resonated deeply within her heart, and it was as if destiny whispered to her, igniting the spark of surrogacy. 

With unwavering determination and boundless empathy, Gayle founded Surrogate Solutions in 2007, driven by her belief that every Intended Parent and Surrogate deserved an intimately personal and supportive experience. In a world where many feel disconnected from their passions, Gayle is a shining example of “doing what you love and never working a day in your life.” She exudes an overflowing love for others, and this love is unmistakably evident in the way she conducts her business. 

Gayle’s own surrogacy journey was marked by both challenges and triumphs. Initially hesitant, she realized she was not yet prepared to embark on this sacred path. But as life unfolded, and with the love of her family complete, she knew the time had come to heed the calling that tugged at her heartstrings. With grace and selflessness, she embraced her role as a surrogate, ready to help another family’s dreams come true. 

As fate would have it, her first surrogacy attempt did not end as she had hoped. But rather than be disheartened, Gayle turned this experience into a catalyst for change. Inspired by the desire to create a nurturing and personal connection for all involved, she vowed to make a difference in the world of surrogacy. She knew she could not carry for every hopeful couple, but she could create a sanctuary of empathy and guidance for those on their own surrogacy journeys. 

As the years went by, Gayle waited for the perfect match that would reignite the fire of surrogacy within her heart. And when she found them, a profound connection blossomed, reaffirming her purpose. The love and bond between Gayle and the Intended Parents grew, their families becoming intertwined, and she found herself surrounded by unwavering support during the magical moment of birth. Witnessing the fulfillment of her Intended Parents’ dreams was a defining moment of pure bliss—the culmination of her selfless act, enriching their lives forever. 

Today, Gayle and the entire team at Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions strive to make each surrogacy journey an extraordinary experience, filled with warmth, care, and unwavering support. Their mission is not just to facilitate the creation of families but to ensure that every surrogate and intended parent feels cherished, valued, and embraced throughout their profound and life-changing voyage. Through her boundless heart, Gayle has touched countless lives, leaving a legacy of love, hope, and family bonds that endure for generations. 

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