Katy Encalade

Posted: 02/26/20

Katy Encalade has always been driven by a deep, unwavering desire to serve others. In 2006 she discovered her calling in the egg donor industry. Working with an agency, Katy had the incredible opportunity to walk Intended Parents through the journey of creating their own families and experiencing immeasurable joy. But her heart yearned to make an even more personal impact, leading her to establish Egg Donor Solutions. 

Every day, Katy engages in heartfelt conversations with couples and individuals who are longing to complete their families with the help of an egg donor. She becomes their guiding light, helping them navigate the selection process to find a donor who is not only willing but also shares their heartfelt desire to make an indelible difference in their lives. 

Katy’s own experiences of easy and joyous pregnancies sparked a powerful realization within her. She felt an undeniable calling to give the miraculous gift of life by becoming a surrogate herself. Surrounded by the unwavering support of her loving family and working closely with Gayle from Surrogate Solutions, Katy embraced this surrogacy journey. 

Through the remarkable network of Surrogate Solutions, Katy was matched with a couple who was absolutely amazing. From the very beginning, it was as if fate had brought them together. Their shared values, beliefs, and dreams seamlessly aligned, making the decision to embark on this transformative path together an effortless one. In no time, they forged a deep connection, becoming like family. They opened up, sharing their hopes, dreams, and even finding solace in their mutual interests. 

As Katy’s pregnancy progressed, her bond with the intended parents blossomed even further. Finally, the day arrived when she delivered a precious bundle of joy into their arms—an exquisite moment of profound love and fulfillment. Katy delivered one little guy via c-section and says, ‘’The best part of this process was watching his parents hold him for the first time. I was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.’’ The time in the hospital post-delivery was spent chatting, snuggling, and the intended parents continuing to forge a relationship with Katy’s three kiddos. Katy shares, “One of the sweetest moments I remember is my youngest (3.5 years) on the floor as the intended mom is French Braiding her hair, while my 6 year old is behind her braiding hers. They were invested in our family just as much as we were invested in theirs.” But the story did not end there with one family. Fate intervened once more, introducing Katy to two fathers who had just welcomed their own little girl through a gestational carrier at the same hospital just one day later. With a heart brimming with compassion, Katy decided to pump milk for their sweet girl for several precious months. 

Becoming a surrogate was a profound and life-changing experience for Katy and her family, etching itself as one of the most extraordinary journeys they had ever embarked upon. Overwhelmed by a tidal wave of love, she truly comprehended the immeasurable joy that surrogacy brings to families, leaving an indelible mark on her heart. 

Today, as the Executive Director of Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions, Katy continues to respond to her heartfelt calling, creating happiness and changing lives. Together with her team of compassionate women, she educates and empowers others, inspiring them to make a lasting difference by selflessly giving of themselves. Katy firmly believes that whether through egg donation or surrogacy, there is no greater calling for women than blessing their own families while weaving the fabric of joy and hope into the lives of others. It is a journey that transcends words, evoking profound emotions and changing lives in ways that are simply beyond measure. 

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