Katy Encalade

Posted: 02/26/20

Katy Encalade has always followed her call to serve others and this led her to the egg donor industry about 10 years ago. She worked with an agency that allowed her to walk Intended Parents through the process of becoming parents and creating happy families. When the opportunity for her to serve families on a more personal level presented itself, she founded Egg Donor Solutions. She talks daily with couples and individuals that need an egg donor to complete their family. She guides them through the selection process as they find a donor willing to help them in such a meaningful way.

Katy had never met another surrogate, but she did work closely with Gayle at Surrogate Solutions when Intended Parents searching for an egg donor also needed a surrogate. She loved that she was serving so many families experiencing infertility by matching them with egg donors, but there came a point when she felt called to do more. All three of her pregnancies had been easy and she just felt the time was right to give the gift of life by being a surrogate herself.

Through Surrogate Solutions, and with the unwavering support of her family, Katy was matched with a wonderful couple in need of her help. Katy and her intended parents shared the same values and they agreed on all the major matching factors like termination, delivery preferences, and the type of relationship they wanted throughout this journey. This made deciding to take this journey together a simple one. Almost immediately they felt like family, quickly opening up and bonding over mutual interests. The relationship continued to thrive as Katy became pregnant and delivered a beautiful baby for them. After delivery, Katy was put in contact with two fathers who were blessed by a little girl that same week via a gestational carrier. Katy was able to provide milk for their sweet girl for a few weeks.

Katy feels being a surrogate was one of the best experiences that she and her family ever walked through together. She was overwhelmed with love for this family, and she was able to understand the joy that surrogacy can bring to families.

Katy is now the Executive Program Director of both Egg Donor Solutions and Surrogate Solutions and she continues her call to serve by creating happy families. With an amazing team of women offering impeccable service, Katy is leading the charge to continue educating women and providing opportunities to empower them to help others by giving of themselves. Whether a family needs an egg donor or a woman willing to sacrifice months of her live to carry a baby, in Katy’s mind, there is no greater calling. Like egg donation, surrogacy is another way that women can bless their own families while blessing another family and making a difference that is immeasurable.

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