Kayla Fritz

Kayla Fritz

Posted: 02/26/20

Kayla has a business background and she owned her own business for several years before joining the team at Surrogate Solutions. Kayla has a friend who was a surrogate through Surrogate Solutions, and Kayla had the opportunity to watch her friend’s journey develop firsthand.

Soon after Kayla had her own child, she thought surrogacy may be something she would want to explore. She had an excellent pregnancy and smooth delivery, so she decided to help create a family for someone else.

She connected with Lauren, who quickly introduced Kayla to the sweetest couple, and they all knew instantly they were a perfect match. Both families grew very close through the surrogacy and they remain close friends today. Kayla delivered twins in 2018 and she may be doing a sibling journey soon.

Kayla’s surrogacy impacted her on such deep and emotional level, she knew that a career in surrogacy was right for her.

“Because my journey brought so much joy to the intended parents, I want to continue to help create that feeling for hundreds of other families! Watching a couple become the family that they always dreamed about through surrogacy is indescribable”.

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