Meg Watwood

Posted: 02/26/20

Meg truly has a heart for serving others. She has a master’s degree in social work, and prior to joining Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions, she worked in hospice care and early childhood education. As a Surrogate Coordinator, Meg works with both surrogates and intended parents to educate and guide them through the surrogacy process. A two-time surrogate herself, Meg loves helping intended parents create their families and views surrogacy as another way she can serve others.

Meg first learned about surrogacy from watching an episode of The Little Couple on TLC. After discussing it with her husband, Meg felt like it was something she could do, but she needed more information first. Looking back, she believes it was part of God’s plan as she was soon introduced to Gayle Garrett, founder of Surrogate Solutions, at their church in Waco, Texas. She asked to meet with Gayle and the rest is history.

Meg’s desire to become a surrogate was born from her own experience with infertility. She and her husband experienced secondary infertility after having their daughter and required the help of invitro fertilization to conceive their twin boys. Their fourth child, a daughter, was born in between her surrogacy journeys.

Meg describes surrogacy as “a personal and intimate journey that shouldn’t be treated as a business traction.” For her, it was important to match with intended parents that wanted to be involved and wanted a connection. Meg and her family remain close with both families she carried for and have traveled to Austin and Houston to visit them.

Her children being involved in the surrogacy process was also very important to Meg, and both families were very gracious to include her children. The second set of intended parents flew her entire family to Denver, where the fertility clinic was located, and they were able to spend a few days together sightseeing and getting to know one another.

Both times after giving birth to the surrogacy babies, Meg’s children were able to meet the babies at the hospital and say goodbye to the intended parents. These experiences have left a lasting impact on the entire family. “We’re always seeking to serve others, and while it might be unconventional, we see surrogacy as a beautiful way to serve others in need,” Meg says.

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