Paige Shearer

Posted: 02/26/20

Paige first learned about surrogacy from watching a show called Giuliana and Bill. She was fascinated! The show shared everything from IVF, to miscarriages, to their entire surrogacy journey. Her daughter was a baby at the time, and she recalls thinking that she could totally be a surrogate. She didn’t know anyone who had done that before. Surrogacy was still on her mind for the next few years. She met a few girls at church that had been surrogates and began to ask ALL the questions about their experiences. She was turning 30 in March of 2020 and felt like the timing was right, now or never! She doesn’t like to live with regrets, so she applied to Surrogate Solutions in Feb 2020, right before COVID. That delayed things big time! 

She wanted Intended Parents that she could have a friendship with, not a business transaction. She was perfectly matched in October 2020. Her Intended Mother (IM) is now one of her best friends and they clicked immediately. Surrogacy introduced her to her soul sister (IM) and they both believe they were meant to be on this journey together. She had a great pregnancy and delivered their son in November 2021. Luckily, her Intended Parents (IPs) and husband were all allowed to be in the room at delivery, even with COVID restrictions. Surrobaby went straight to his mom, and they all just naturally fit together. You would never know she didn’t carry him herself.  

When Paige and her Intended Parents hugged each other goodbye she remembers saying, “This journey is absolutely everything I dreamed of.” Her Intended Mom said, “And more.”  

The most amazing journey!  

They still talk weekly and are currently in the process of a sibling journey! She feels that it is so wild to see the little life that she, alongside his parents, helped to create and get here safely! She says it feels surreal. But she continues to live her life with no regrets and views surrogacy as one of her biggest accomplishments in life 

Her IPs are like a second family, even her children agree. She loves that surrogacy was also never confusing for her kids and they got to experience this journey with them as well. They are little surrogacy advocates and some of the biggest supporters!  

Paige has a Master’s in Social Work and before joining Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions worked side by side with the County Prosecutor and was the Victim Advocate for her county. As a Surrogacy Coordinator, Paige guides and advocates for both surrogates and intended parents on their journeys. She lives in Southern Illinois and enjoys spending time with her husband and their two children in her free time. To relax, she loves to walk up and down the aisles at Target, thrifting home décor, going out to dinner, or curling up on the couch to watch her comfort shows. 

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