Pashey Willhite

Posted: 02/26/20

After the birth of her second daughter, Pashey listened to a friend talk about her second Surrogate journey and loved how she spoke so highly about the process. Pashey started researching. Being blessed with two daughters of her own, she wanted to help other families have that same joy of children that she had. After months of research, Pashey brought the idea to her husband, but they both decided the timing just wasn’t right yet. Since they weren’t sure if they were done having their own children, they decided to wait to talk more about it. 

After a few years, a close friend of Pashey’s was going through the IVF process. Pashey was right by her side receiving the happy news that the transfer had worked, and then weeks later when her friend received the call that the beta numbers were dropping, and that the pregnancy was ending. Hearts were broken, lots of tears shed, and she began questioning everything. As Pashey struggled to find the right things to say or how she could help, she started to pray. This was when Pashey knew this was the Lord’s timing. She felt peace with her family and knew she could make a difference for others. After a few more months of researching, she landed on Surrogate Solutions and was matched with a sweet couple out of Dallas. 

After matching she soon found out that her intended mom had herself become pregnant naturally with their own child. Pashey agreed to wait to move forward until they knew all was well with the baby and the pregnancy was strong. They did move on with screening and contracts. After the baby was born, all steps were complete and Pashey was ready to transfer. Unfortunately, the results were not what everyone had hoped for, it was a failed transfer. The Intended Parents and Pashey were saddened and knowing the Intended Mother had just had a successful pregnancy just a few months ago they decided to transfer the final embryo to herself. 

Parting ways, but full of hope for them Pashey thought on the decision to rematch. In 2021, Pashey was rematched with another couple out of Dallas. She delivered their daughter in 2022. Delivery day was beautiful, getting to watch dad cutting the umbilical cord and the raw emotion he showed was amazing. Seeing mom soaking in skin to sink was pure love. This journey was something she will never forget or be able to explain just how truly amazing it was. 

Now, Pashey has the joy of still being a part of helping to create families as a Surrogacy Coordinator for Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions. Guiding and supporting surrogates and intended parents throughout their journey is such a special opportunity. Pashey and her husband live in the Tulsa area with their two children. They love spending time at a sports complex watching their girls play the sports they love, camping at the lake during the summer, and family game nights.

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