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Step 5: Get ready for the embryo transfer

Posted: 03/5/20

After all of the medical screening has been done:

  • The surrogate will start medications to thicken the lining of her uterus, and she will be on medications for approximately 4-6 weeks, depending on the protocol of the IVF clinic
  • Once the surrogate’s uterine lining is optimal, the most viable frozen embryo(s) are thawed and transferred to the uterus of the surrogate via IVF
  • The surrogate typically waits nine to 14 days before taking a pregnancy test; if the surrogate is pregnant at that time, an ultrasound is scheduled two weeks later to determine the number of embryos that implanted
  • The baby’s heartbeat can typically be seen at this time
  • After the pregnancy reaches eight to ten weeks gestation, the IVF physician will discharge the surrogate from his/her care to the care of her OB
  • At this time, the surrogate’s OB will monitor her for the duration of the pregnancy
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