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Surrogacy Myths

Posted: 07/7/22

There are so many myths in the world of surrogacy. With surrogacy, there are always good vibes, happy thoughts, and baby dust to wish the surrogate and her intended parent(s)  good luck on their transfer day, but let us clarify some of the misconceptions you may have heard.


Myth: A woman will opt for surrogacy to save her figure or avoid pregnancy.

TRUTH: There are many factors that contribute to a couple seeking a surrogate. Typically, there is some sort of medical factor like failed attempts to become pregnant or the inability to carry a baby.  That is why a surrogate is required.


Myth: The surrogate may want to keep your baby.

TRUTH:  A surrogate and her family undergo a psychological evaluation prior to being accepted as a carrier. She and her family know that they have no genetic or legal rights to the baby/babies carried.  In addition, most surrogates have completed their families prior to applying to become a carrier.


Myth: Surrogacy leads to multiples.

TRUTH: Each pregnancy is unique.  Most doctors now suggest a single embryo transfer to prevent fewer risks and potential complications for the carrier.


Myth: The baby a surrogate carries is genetically related to her.

TRUTH: The carrier has no genetic relation to the child. The embryo belongs to the parents. The carrier is simply “extreme babysitting” the baby for the next 9 months.


Myth: Surrogates just do it for the money.

TRUTH: These women are selflessly assisting in the creation of a family. They go through psychological, physical, and financial screening, in addition to months of appointments and medical procedures.


Myth: Anyone can be a surrogate.

TRUTH: There are many factors that are considered for a surrogate to be accepted by an agency such as age, pregnancy history, overall health, and home life, in addition to passing the required screenings.


Myth: Surrogates must be married.

TRUTH:  A carrier does not need to be married but it is suggested that surrogates have had their own children and a supportive home life.


Myth: You must eat pineapples after a transfer.

TRUTH: Eating pineapple core for five days after embryo transfer can increase one’s chances of a positive pregnancy test! This is because fruit contains bromelain, an enzyme with anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant, and blood-thinning properties which has been linked to improving blood flow to the uterus and resulting in the embryo implanting.


Myth: Pomegranate juice plumps the uterine lining.

TRUTH: Many women swear drinking POM juice for the first 13 days of their cycle will guarantee a fluffy 8-millimeter+ lining measurement of their uterus, but there is no scientific guarantee this is from the juice alone.


Myth: You must eat fries post-transfer.

TRUTH: Consuming fries post-transfer stems from doctors recommending salty foods to avoid ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome after an egg retrieval but it has become a post-transfer ritual for many.


Myth: You must wear socks during and after the transfer.

TRUTH: This stems from an old wives’ tale that a “cold uterus” can lead to infertility- but that’s not why we are here. But you can still be cute and have warm feet.


Hopefully, these myths debunked many of the surrogacy rumors that you have heard. If you have any additional questions reach out to our specialists at Surrogate Solutions today!  You can also APPLY or FINISH your application here.

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