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Surrogate Requirements

Posted: 09/17/21

The requirements to be a surrogate vary from agency to agency. Being a surrogate means you are giving the gift of life to intended parents and also helping them to have a biological child of their own. This is a huge decision that comes with huge rewards. Everyone involved in this process feels blessed in the end. Choosing to become a surrogate comes with some steps to follow to make sure you are qualified. 

All surrogacy agencies will have qualifications for the perspective surrogate that will help ensure a health pregnancy that is safe for the surrogate, intended parents, and the child. Most agencies have different qualifications based on their individual preferences, and the laws in their particular state. Here is a few of the qualifications that we use at Surrogate Solutions: 

  • Age. All surrogates must be between the age of 21 and 45 years of age. 
  • History of Pregnancy. Potential Surrogates must have delivered a baby and are currently raising a child of their own to be considered for a surrogate journey. 
  • Stable Lifestyle. All potential surrogates must have full emotional support from their husband/partner (if applicable). A stable residence is also required with no upcoming plans to move out of the state once the legal the contracts are completed for a surrogacy journey.  
  • Government Assistance Status. A potential surrogate cannot be accepting any form of government assistance to be considered. 

If the initial requirements are met, then a potential surrogate will go thru further screening to establish that the surrogate is healthy. This will help ensure a good fit for the agency and intended parents. Surrogate Solutions process is as follows: 

  • Complete PreScreen Application and Interview. Complete the prescreen application on our site to give us a better idea of your history and desire to be a surrogate. Once we have received this and reviewed it, we will schedule a phone interview, and send you an in-depth application as well as consent forms. 
  • Application Review and Verification. We will review your application and verify your information. We will also conduct background checks for you and your spouse/partner (if applicable). 
  • Review all Medical Records. We will request all previous medical records in the application so we can review them. The records may be reviewed by a physician or the intended parents’ physician as well, if needed. 

These are some of the qualifications to become a surrogate. Surrogate Solutions list for potential surrogates is found here. If these qualifications are met, the surrogate will be matched with intended parents, and will proceed in the surrogacy journey. If you are interested in becoming a surrogate, or have more questions, we encourage you to get in touch with us today! 


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