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Prenatal Care as an Older Surrogate

Prenatal Care as an Older Surrogate

Posted: 10/21/21

Women who choose to become surrogates often wait until they are finished having their own babies before choosing to become a surrogate. This often means that surrogates begin their journey in the later years of child-bearing age. Most medical standards consider pregnancy in woman after the age of 35 to be an “older pregnancy.” Despite that opinion, many women in their 30s and 40s give birth to happy, healthy babies. Older pregnancies are […]


If surrogacy isn’t a good fit for you… now what?

Posted: 10/14/21

If you feel that surrogacy isn’t a good fit for you or your family, perhaps you could consider helping a family grow through egg donation.  The thought of giving the gift of a baby to others who are struggling is appealing to many women but some are unable, or uncomfortable with being a surrogate.  Many women don’t realize that there are other options.  Being an egg donor […]

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