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The Bond Between Surrogates and Intended Mothers

The Bond Between Surrogates and Intended Mothers

Posted: 02/17/22

A first-time surrogate shares her story We frequently hear from surrogates that one of the best parts of their journey, second only to helping to create a family, is the relationship that is formed with the intended parents (IPs). After sharing such a uniquely personal experience, many gestational carriers (GCs) and their families develop lifelong […]


Fit for the Solution

Posted: 02/10/22

As with any pregnancy, it is important for surrogates to focus on their health during their pregnancy. Choosing to stay fit and make healthy choices provides the optimal environment for both the surrogate and baby to thrive. One should make a point to discuss with their OB about what exercise is appropriate during pregnancy. We […]


Meet Jaclyn & Jason, can you be their solution?

Posted: 02/3/22

  Jaclyn and Jason are a very active couple who have been married for 8 years.  For 5 ½ of those years, they have unsuccessfully been trying to have a baby.  They have 3 embryos and were all set to do an embryo transfer last summer when Jaclyn’s older brother unexpectedly died of a heart […]

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