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Considering Surrogacy in 2023?

Considering Surrogacy in 2023?

Posted: 10/20/22

    Open enrollment is a critical time for our agency. It’s the time of year when gestational carriers who do not have a health insurance plan that covers surrogacy can apply for one through the Marketplace (also known as the Affordable Healthcare Act). For 2023, the open enrollment period begins November 1, 2022, and […]


Apply NOW!!! During Open Enrollment Extension

Posted: 05/20/21

Written by: Hillary Redwine, cross posted When a gestational carrier has her own insurance policy that will cover a surrogate pregnancy, it is a huge benefit for intended parents (IPs), helping them save on the overall cost of surrogacy, which runs upwards of $100,000. In some cases, it is one of the deciding factors for […]

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