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Posted: 03/4/20

Like many couples using IVF and looking for a surrogate, we had first spent several years trying other ways to have a family. Trying to figure out it all was daunting for us, but not long after we decided to go with surrogacy we were able to make contact with Gayle. It was the best decision that we ever made throughout this process.

Trying to match with the right surrogate can be stressful, and she was able to make it all work in finding a great match for us. IVF surrogacy is also fraught with a lot of complicated medical workups as well as a number of legal and some psychological issues. Gayle was with us every step of the way in patiently helping us through all the steps. We had unexpected problems that came up throughout the process and combine that with all the emotion that is present, it was so comforting to have someone to help us through it all. It was also really wonderful to have someone who could give us great advice at a moment’s notice.

During this process and now that we (finally!) have our family; we have said many times how lucky we were to have had Gayle alongside us. We truly know that she cared for us and always was watching out for us. We cannot thank her enough for her kindness and expertise as she helped make our dream come true.

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