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Surrogates and their husband’s opinions about surrogacy

Posted: 09/7/23

When we talk about the surrogacy experience, it is typically from the perspective of the Surrogate. But surrogacy impacts the entire family, not just the woman carrying the baby. Having a
committed partner to support her along the way and share in the experience of helping intended
parents create their family makes the journey even more special.

We recently asked the husbands of three of our surrogates and dedicated team members at Surrogate
Solutions to share their perspectives on surrogacy – their initial thoughts, how it impacted their family,
what it was like to support their wives through a surrogate pregnancy, the best part of the journey, and
what advice they have for other men whose wives are considering surrogacy.
Thank you to these men for sharing their thoughts and experiences.

  1. Initial Thoughts:
    • Brian: Initially unaware of surrogacy, but saw it as a great way to help another family.
    • Robert: Curious about the process but supportive of his wife’s desire to become a surrogate.
    • Blake: Initially surprised but recognized his wife’s desire to make a difference in others’ lives.
  2. Impact on the Family:
    • Brian: Openly communicated with their children about the surrogacy journey, emphasizing the importance of helping another family.
    • Robert: Experienced the emotional impact on intended parents, which deepened his appreciation for the gift of surrogacy.
    • Blake: Saw it as an opportunity to teach their children about selflessness and generosity, forming lasting friendships with the intended parents.
  3. Supporting their Wives:
    • Brian: Provided mental support, learned to administer injections, and offered encouragement.
    • Robert: Offered the same support as during their own pregnancies, acted as an advocate by explaining surrogacy to others.
    • Blake: Supported his wife like in previous pregnancies, reminding her of the significance of her actions.
  4. Best Parts of the Surrogacy Experience:
    • Brian: Developing a relationship with the intended family, sharing in the excitement of milestones.
    • Robert: Creating connections and lifelong friendships with the families his wife carried for.
    • Blake: Witnessing the birth in a hospital, with the emotional moment of the intended parents holding their child for the first time.
  5. Advice for Husbands:
    • Brian: Encourage research, embrace a selfless attitude, and be open to potential lifelong connections with the intended parents.
    • Blake: Focus on the profound gift being given to another family, emphasizing the impact and the blessing of helping them create a family.

These husbands highlight the transformative nature of the surrogacy experience, not only for the surrogate but also for their families and the intended parents. Their perspectives offer valuable advice and insights for husbands supporting their wives through surrogacy.

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